Looking for West End Office Space?

West End office space.The West End of London boasts the highest demand for office space in the world. The business districts of this area of London accommodate a substantial diversity in occupational sectors, all of which cover some of the most successful companies in the world. The biggest volume of businesses come under the sectors of creative industries and financial services. However, the offices also provide for commercial occupiers, sales directors and recruitment agencies to name but a few.

Districts of West End London

Inner districts of West End London.The West End of London is a big place, containing inner districts that all offer different types of business and facilities as well as varying ranges of entertainment. Choosing the right office space should be half dependant on the district that you would be based in and what it might entail. The main districts within the space of West End London are as follows:

Bloomsbury: This is a district of beautiful scenery and greenery. There are a lot of university students that will be seen here due to the University of London’s department bases that are built here. The British Museum is located in this district too, which brings Bloomsbury many tourists. Business here tends to be very profitable and successful with an environment that is vibrant and popular also.

Covent Garden: This district is well known for its markets and shopping areas that bring in a lot of visitors, it is home to the Opera House and the London Transport Museum. Office space here is usually of a very high quality as the business industry is thriving and a very pleasurable place to be based.

Holborn: This district is great for residents and renting apartments purely because it is so central to other main business districts. There are plenty of bars and restaurants that surround fully serviced, modern apartments. Visitors and residents love visiting the Grange Holborn Hotel for its luxury service and incredible vintage rooms. Due to it’s central location, Holborn would be a wise choice to live whilst working in West End London - if you can afford it, that is.

Marylebone: In this area you will find many of the main tourist attractions as well as medical and dental services. The entertainment here includes Madam Tussauds, a famous attraction that includes some of the oldest and rarest figures. Marylebone is the place to visit for relaxation with the features of Regent and Hyde park, both maintained in beautiful condition. In business reference, the headquarters of the BBC lives here, being the biggest business in the district.

Mayfair: This is potentially the biggest business district in the West as it contains many converted offices from homes and lots of company headquarters. Although it is mainy company dominated, there is still a selection of popular shopping areas and nightlife.

Soho: Soho is established as the centre of entertainment. There are cinemas and bars of every sort as well as a large amount of shops selling varieties of fashion to appeal to multicultural residents and tourists. The college of music and music publishers are based here and many people visit this district for the admiration of music and the different music bars. This is a favourable area for media industry companies too.

St James’: A district with prestigious residences and highly sought after serviced office addresses available to rent. This district is very high class and exclusive with office space on offer for the very best and most successful of businesses. There are retailers of the finest wine and luxury cigars in addition to clubs for those of the high society. St James’ is the best place to be based for those with importance and prominence.

Westminster: Of course this district is the most famous of the West as it is familiar for the landmarks such as Parliament and Buckingham Palace. Westminster brings in the most tourists due to these landmarks, bringing a lot of business to the West End.

Knightsbridge: This district is one that is dominated with estate agents and exclusive retailers. The shops here are of a very high class and standard as Harrods and Harvey Nichols are based here and attract a high society audience. The estate agents here take pride in the extremely chic residences that they have on offer for lavish prices.

Office Choice

Serviced offices.The West End office space portfolio presents a variety of serviced offices to rent across the districts that are fully maintained and equipped to your requirements. From newly refurbished districts like Hammersmith to serviced offices with beautiful terraces in Covent Garden, there is office space to let for businesses of every sort. Some of the most popular districts of a high demand include Soho and Cavendish Square. All of these districts will satisfy any business that wants to be recognised and respected.

Choosing the right office space is the most important part of the moving process. It is imperative that you take into account your business and your values before you set your heart on an office space. The brilliant thing about West End London is the variety of office space that is flexible and easily adapted to your business. Following this however, you should consider what you want from an office space, as consequently your business base will have a huge impact on how sufficiently people work within the office atmosphere.

Office Location

Location is a crucial element to choosing office space and the West End of London has offices placed in idealistic locations that are easy to reach and surrounded by facilities and entertainment of every sort. The West End also boasts some of the most delicious cuisine with restaurants and takeaways to suit all tastes; meaning lunch time at work would never be a problem.

When choosing the right West End office space to rent, it is important to think about whether your employees are going to be able to reach the office easily. In addition, it is also vital that your office space can be located by clients for face-to-face meetings to go forward. In light of this, selecting the best office space in the West End should be a process of ensuring that there is satisfactory ease of travel between the office and the main roads or train lines.

Business Sector

London offices within business sectors.West End London is cluttered with business districts that are popular with certain professions. Charlotte Street is the heart of new media and IT businesses, therefore considering office space here as a business in these industries would be ideal due to the easy installation of technology and media.

For compact companies, Chandos Place in Covent Garden offers interiors of fantastic decor in small spaces. The offices to rent here supply comfort and a perfect place to relax as well as meeting rooms and break out areas. Chandos Place is home to great restaurants and dining areas making this a very good destination to attract the public and tourists.

An desirable base in Covent Garden are offices on Long Acre. Office space is again very popular with Media businesses but is also home to numerous PR companies. Covent Garden is famous for it’s highly modern decoration and the serviced offices that contain excellent pieces of artwork and LED lighting to give the perfect contemporary vibe. Renting in this area will also mean you will get the satisfaction of the wonderful views from the terrace rooftops that some Covent Garden office space boasts.

Working Environment

The environment in which you work in will have to comply with your staff and clients’ needs. Depending on your company profession, you will require certain facilities and technology in order for your business to run smoothly. To ensure that professionalism can be maintained, an office space with the capacity to fit in all your mandatory facilities as well as all of the staff members is key to selecting the right office space.

In order to work out the available room, you should work out an office plan and hire designers to carry out a ‘test fit’. Doing this will ensure that the office space has big enough dimensions to fit everything in.

Before looking for a new base, you should think carefully about business growth and any future potential for an expansion in your company or sector. Being aware of these possibilities will make it much easier to pick a general size. Taking up serviced offices usually helps you with growth in the future as its more flexible than a tradional office space rental agreement.

Your office space should represent your company in the best way possible, therefore a space you can be proud of and modify to compliment what you stand for as a business.

Entertainment and Tourist Attractions

The West End of London happens to be the worldwide most popular urban place to visit, consisting of preposterously brilliant tourist attractions such as theatres, shopping centres and iconic architecture.

Within the West End, the fashion culture is well and truly admired with over 300 shops in and around Oxford Street. Visiting Oxford Street will open you up to a huge variety in retail including designer boutiques and mainstream fashion outlets. Due to the popularity of this shopping centre, you can find the biggest Disney Store, Forever 21 and Selfridges in Europe.

There is no denying that West End London is recognised on a Worldwide scale for it’s phenomenal theatres and performances. High quality shows have been attracting London residents and tourists since as early as the 1600s. There is a total of 40 theatres based in the West End alone, showcasing different latest productions.

The West End supplies the greatest entertainment in theatre and the best cultural attractions like the British Museum that displays over 7 million artifacts all from artists from around the world. Culture also bursts through at the biggest bookstore in the world along with tours of English music history. Renting office space in an area that is buzzing with incredible atmosphere would add an extra special touch to any working day.

Transport Links

London is connected with a very reliable tube system that makes travelling very straightforward to residents (and northerners after a while). Depending what business district of the West End you chose to base your company in, there are plenty of transport links for you to take advantage of.

There is currently a big push on travelling by bike as many properties around London are installing bike stations and security. Travelling by bike as an employee or employer in the West End area will definitely save a lot of money at the same time as improving your carbon footprint in such a busy city.

Nearby Facilities

Because the West End is so successful in the business sector, you will find plenty of facilities ready to hire. A lot of the office spaces to rent will come with modern facilities that are fully updated with any equipment you may need. In just one tiny example, professional conferences and meetings can be held at the Cavendish Conference Centre that has a total of 8 available rooms with projection and video conferencing equipment as well as fast broadband wifi and plasma screens. These kind of facilities can come in exceptionally useful for those businesses that prefer not to rent office space that already contains meeting rooms included.

Property Prices

Companies that are considering relocating to the West End, or which are even thinking about setting up their first ever enterprise in this part of London, should consider how much it costs to buy a house there. Both employers and employee will need to live in the surrounding areas, and for many buying a property will be preferable to renting one, due to the additional costs associated with renting - especially in London. Let's be honest here - its only a tiny amount of business owners and staff that could ever afford to live in the West End.

Based on statistics for the average cost of a house on the market, the average price for a house in the West End is over £2,600,000. However, it is worth noting that a lot of the properties in West End London are actually flats. Properties for sale around the main business districts vary in price depending on what their surrounding areas are. Property prices in Mayfair for a 4 bedroom apartment usually cost around £16,000,000. There are 'reasonable' prices on 5 bedroom apartments in Westminster that cost approximately £5,000,00.

It can be an excellent idea for entrepreneurs thinking about setting up office-based businesses in the West End to actually visit the area before going ahead with any plans, and it’s also important that your office (should you decide to form your business there) is close to transport and accommodation if possible.

Business hotels in the West End

Top hotels suitable for business partners and companies can be found dotted around all over the West End. Some of the top hotels range from £80-£250 per night on any of the average hotels, including luxury apartments.

There are many options for business owners and visitors in terms of staying in accommodation in a short distance from the main business locations.

Cost of Living

Working in the heart of the West End means you should prepare yourself to allow for any financial budgets. You need to be aware of the prices of rent, food, general activities, transport and accommodation. For a weekly supermarket shop, you should look at an average of £30 for one person if sticking to basics. Pub meals and alcohol can usually come to £15 for both and a meal for two people can come to up to £40 at a mid-priced restaurant, but can be cheaper if you discover some of the smaller independant places.

You may find that cost of transport can be moderate to expensive depending how much of it you use. Travelling by bike is definitely the cheaper option, nevertheless there are numerous solutions for saving money on travel with city cards and railcards. A monthly travel card will generally cost you around £80 to £110 which will work out as a better option than spending money on travel daily.

In terms of entertainment, prices rely on the individual and their preferences. Considering the popularity of West End shows, as an attendee you will pay from £25 for a ticket and considerably more on any of the bigger productions.

Materialistic possessions such as clothing can again, vary on price depending on interest. It is most likely that you will only find luxury brands and designer wear in the main shopping centres of the West End, but travelling to other parts of London such as Camden Market means that you could find some brilliant bargains on some fantastic garments and accessories.

Prices around West London will vary but there is definitely a place for everybody and their financial situations.


Renting office space in the West End of London means you will vitally need to know the economy of London and the West End. You will need to see where your business will stand and get a general understanding of how you may benefit from revenue and increase in clients or customers. As expected, West End London is always increasing in its economy. Here are the main statistics of the West End business industry:

London's West End is the most prestigious and most appreciated centre of business in the whole of Europe, therefore renting office space here will dramatically encourage and increase your companies' reputation and revenue. It could all be done via a serviced office, but that's a story for another time.