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All about offices to rent in Baker Street

The MWB Business Exchange

An office space guide to Baker Street.The MWB Business Exchange (W1U 6LA) is the main option for renting office space in Baker Street. The building has been recently developed and provides a variety of options for renting and hiring Baker Street office space. It’s a business centre, located within a distinctive historic building, and has been transformed in recent years by a series of commercial and residential investment projects. This means that there are many office space to rent in the Baker Street area. If you are looking for Baker Street offices to rent, then you can expect to pay roughly £2.5k (negotiable) per week for a 14 person office. However, this depends on the size of the office that you require.

In addition to this, the Business Exchange centre also provides several options for serviced offices in Baker Street. There are a total of five function rooms; the largest of which can accommodate up to 25 guests. The smallest, moreover, has a capacity of four people. If required, the venue can also provide several meeting rooms in Baker Street. Altogether, the MWB Business Exchange provides several key features which can be useful for renting Baker Street serviced offices. They include:

Beyond the MWB Business Exchange, there are less options for businesses who wish to rent office space within a wider office complex. Given that there are many small and medium sized businesses within Baker Street, if you wish to rent/buy on the street then it would depend on other owners selling. This can be problematic if you’re dead-set on hiring office space in the local area. It would thus be recommended that prospective buyers contact existing tenants to enquire about potential negotiations.

Nevertheless, there are a few buildings on Baker Street which have small offices to rent. Often they are located above shops so can only accommodate a few people. However, you can still partition the rooms however you see fit and generally the offices have access to kitchens, break rooms, and have their own security systems. In terms of prices, moreover, it’s a bit difficult to ascertain. In most cases, rent is negotiable and only available upon request.

Montagu Row, on Baker Street, has a small number of serviced offices that can be rented for a negotiable price. They can accommodate between 1-15 people and can be accessed by all the traditional transport links.

Alternatively, there are several streets in the surrounding area which also have office space options. Like Baker Street, Marylebone Road has its own MWB office complex too (NW1 5RA). The building is three stories high and has a range of offices and meetings rooms to rent. Each come with the following features:

Altogether, prospective businesses have several options when it comes to renting office space on Baker Street. The most obvious scenario would be to rent space and serviced rooms from the MWB Business Exchange. This a good option for businesses who want to move into an office that doesn’t require decorating or upgrading. Everything has been done for you and the office would be available to move into immediately.

However, if you’re not a big business, it might be worth researching the variety of smaller spaces available above various shops on Baker Street. Often, they can accommodate up to 15 people and come with excellent facilities as standard. Beyond these options, you may wish to contact existing tenants to enquire about the length of their lease and whether they intend to move anytime soon. Although this is a game of luck, you might be able to snap up something before it goes on the property market.

Finally, if all of these options fall through, then it’s worth looking into office spaces beyond the immediate vicinity of Baker Street. Marylebone Road, for example, has all of the amenities of Baker Street but has more potential rental options. By that logic, moreover, it’s worth looking into property more generally in the area.

The Neighbourhood

Baker Street is one of the most famous and iconic streets in London. Whether your mind conjures up ideas of Sherlock Holmes or The Beatles’ Apple Boutique, Baker Street has become a popular location for budding and established businesses alike. In terms of office space, moreover, Baker Street has some seriously impressive candidates.

Baker Street is primarily known as the fictional home of Sherlock Holmes; the creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Ever since it reached popularity in the 19th Century, tourists from around the world have flocked to visit 221B Baker Street. If you are interested in Sherlock Holmes, then there is a museum dedicated to the character and his history on 237-241 Baker Street. The venue includes a variety of exhibits, such as wax figures, period rooms, and different kinds of associated memorabilia.

In addition to the museum, there is also a Sherlock Holmes Pub located near the Charing Cross railway station. The pub contains a detailed replica of Holmes’ fictional apartment together with a recently-renovated Victorian decor.

However, Baker Street has a fascinating history, even beyond the obvious Sherlock Holmes connotations. The street was first built in the 18th Century by William Baker, a prominent designer and builder in the area. When it was first constructed, Baker Street was an elite residential area for London aristocracy. However, over time, the area has become famous for its commercial use.

In 1835, the first permanent exhibition of Madame Tussauds waxworks opened on the street; The Baker Street Bazaar. The waxworks stayed in residence at Baker Street for nearly half a century until it moved to Marylebone Road in 1884.

Other notable residents of Baker Street include the Apple Boutique; the retail store owned by The Beatles and sold primarily fashion and accessories. The Apple Boutique remained on Baker street throughout 1967 and 1968.

Overall, businesses are traditionally brought to Baker Street because of its advantageous location. Situated within the Marylebone district (and the City of Westminster), the street comprises of a mixture of small and medium-sized businesses. You’ll find a wonderful fix of restaurants and cafes, combined with many of the main shops you would expect from browsing in the area. Some of the popular businesses on Baker Street include: Fine Art Dealers, Furniture Shops, Travel Agents, Building Societies, Interior Design shops, and plenty of cafes.

For these reasons, Baker Street is a popular location for employees to grab some lunch and relax after working hours. While many of the street comprises of shops, there is a plethora of office space above these venues. That means that plenty of workers commute into the area and Baker Street has a real buzz about it. This makes Baker Street a popular option for budding and established businesses alike.


There are many wonderful restaurants and eateries in and around the Baker Street area. One of the most popular is the Galvin Bistrot de Luxe; a restaurant which serves traditional French cuisine at affordable prices. If you’d like to try Galvin Bistrot de Luxe, then make sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment. This restaurant is seriously popular.

If you fancy something more exotic, then the Indali Lounge is a wonderful alternative to the heavy curries of other Indian restaurants. This restaurant was featured on Channel 4’s UK Healthy Restaurant in 2010. They don’t use butter, cream, or ghee in their cooking to create a truly authentic and healthy Indian menu. The decor is modern and is very popular amongst tourists and locals alike.

For the sake of novelty and fun, you could always try Sherlock’s Bar & Grill. The restaurant serves everything from lunch and dinner to afterwork drinks. The restaurant is relatively cheap and is known for attracting eccentric tourists who love the Sherlock franchise.


If you are looking for things to do in and around Baker Street, then you really are spoilt for choice. Here are three attractions that you definitely can’t miss:

Everyman Baker Street (W1U 6TJ) - This cinema was recently renovated in 2008 and showcases a variety of independent and arthouse films to suit everyone’s taste. The venue is charming, quirky, and a local institution in its own right. Definitely not to be missed.

Wigmore Hall (W1U 2BP) - This hall dishes out over 400 shows a season and is a must-see for lovers of music and the arts. Following popular demand, the venue also released its own record label named ‘Wigmore Hall Live’.

London Palladium - The London Palladium is one of the most famous theatres in the UK and produces a variety of successful plays throughout the year. The venue is over 100 years old and has a fascinating theatrical history. Everyone from Yul Brynner, to Liza Minnelli, and Bruce Forsyth have had their moment on the Palladium stage.

Baker Street is incredibly well-situated and is very attractive to businesses and property buyers alike who enjoy cultural attractions. There is so much to do around this area that you’ll be spoilt for choice.


The nearest underground station to Baker Street is the Marble Arch Tube Station; located roughly 5 minutes away towards the South West. Following that, Bond Street Station is roughly 6 minutes away. The nearest train stations, moreover, are the Marylebone Railway Station (10 minutes walk) and Paddington Railway Station (18 minutes walk).

If you are travelling by into work, then you have two options. The Cramer Street Masterpark car park is roughly 5 minutes away from Baker Street. Similarly, the Marble Arch Car Parks are also located 5 minutes distance from Baker Street.

In terms of bus links, Baker Street reaches the following locations:

There are also regular coaches which link Oxford and London on Baker Street (via the Marylebone intersection). Minibuses will also take commuters to Luton and Stansted airports (a useful service for employees in the area).

Baker Street: a place for business

While Baker Street is not known for representing a certain sector (such as Fleet Street), the area is wonderfully versatile for London businesses. If you stroll around the area, you will see everything from estate agents, to art dealers, and more cafes than you can count on two hands.

In terms of office space in Baker Street, businesses have several options to choose from. The first would be to rent MWB office space; a good option for companies that want fully furnished rooms with excellent facilities. Amongst others, the MWB provides space which has its own reception area, kitchen facilities, and an internal security system. However, MWB also provides serviced offices in Baker Street. There are currently 5 offices available which can be used for meetings and conference events.

Overall, however, office space to rent in Baker Street can be difficult to come by. New properties don’t appear on the market often. With this in mind, it might be worth getting into touch with current tenants to enquire about potential availability. This is a good way of getting a general feel for the property market. Furthermore, if you do manage to snag something, then you’ll have prevented it from going onto the property market in the first place.

If you don’t want to do this, then there are lots of options for smaller office space to rent in Baker Street. While many of the buildings on Baker Street comprise of shops, the office space above them is often available to rent. Generally, these premises are best suited to offices which number 1-15 people. This means that they are a particularly good option for renting meeting rooms in Baker Street. There many options available with regards to whether you want furnished, unfurnished, or serviced rooms. In addition to this, many of the Baker Street serviced office space is open to price negotiation. While this means that it’s difficult to gage rent fees in the area, it’s still beneficial to business owners who don’t mind haggling.