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Bayswater is renowned for its superb signature stucco fronted terraces. The area which is situated to the north of Hyde park offers a small number of quiet squares but is known for its many bustling streets. Any ambitious business would be wise to rent office space in Bayswater; this central London neighborhood offers elegant fronted buildings, modern office space and excellent transport links. If you are looking at buying Bayswater office space, you will find lots of commercial property available at a cheaper price than the surrounding neighborhoods. Along the thriving Queensway is where you will find the best conference venues and meeting rooms in Bayswater. The area is also within walking distance of many famous attractions as well as being close to Paddington, Queensway, Royal Oak and Lancaster Gate underground stations.

Baywater is situated within the City of Westminster and is one of the most densely populated areas in London. The busiest streets in the area are Queensway and Westbourne Grove, where you will find a number of supermarkets and ethnic takeaways. Perhaps the best thing about its location is the fact that Hyde Park is just on the doorstep, just across from the busy Bayswater Road.

If you are looking to move your business to the vibrant area of Bayswater, you will be glad to know that there are four London Underground stations in walking distance nearby. They are Bayswater, Queensway Road, Royal Oak and Lancaster Gate - this is great if for commuting as well as if you are holding meetings with clients or customers at your office.

What type of office space can you find in Bayswater?

The area is known for its glorious stucco fronted terraced buildings, but behind the illustrious architecture which the 18th century townhouses showcases in Bayswater, you will find many large contemporary offices. There are a lot of fully furnished and state of the art offices in the area. Many also overlook Hyde Park and while they look to be older from the outside, you will find modern facilities on the inside which are enough to satisfy any business and their employees.

The main business streets in the area are:

Each of these roads is lined with large classic terraces and while most of the properties in the area are divided into houses and hotels but there are also many contemporary offices dotted amongst them. Any business who moves into Bayswater will really benefit from the sheer amounts of restaurants and entertainment which available in the vicinity. Again, you will love the ease of which it’s possible to travel around london due to the excellent transport links within zone one of the London Underground network.

There is a wealth of five star offices in Bayswater; the Edwardian and Georgian properties lend themselves to spectacularly large rooms and offices. Many have now been kitted out with the latest furnishings and offer very competitive prices. Due to the original architectural features, many of the offices are bright with open plan spaces - the juxtaposition between the new features and the old architecture is stunning, and fit for businesses of all types.

The recent refurbishments of the terraces in the area have given many of the Grade I or Grade II listed buildings a new lease of life. There are plenty of fashionable offices which are both warm, spacious, and still have bags of their original character.

With many three storey buildings in Baywater, there are options to take over entire terraces or a singular floor. Either way, you’ll be working in a large environment fit for teams of all sizes. As well as the older builds, there are a number of contemporary office buildings which offer shower facilities and bike racks for those willing to brave rush hour traffic in the capital. The 1930’s mansion blocks in Bayswater are handsome and many have been converted into superb offices. They sit amongst a few smaller residential apartments such as Sir Denys Lasdun’s 650-flat Hallfield Estate.

The property in Bayswater ranges from expensive apartments to smaller studio flats. The same can be said for the office space in the neighborhood; it is really a useful area to be situated in for a variety of different reasons.


On Queensway you’ll find a fantastic selection of ethnic cafes who serve cuisine from across the globe. There are many international cafes such as Gold Mine (Chinese), Halepi (Greek) and Santos (Mexican). Wining and dining clients and customers will not be a problem in Bayswater; if you fancy a quick drink there are also a number of local bars and pubs such as the Bayswater Arms and Star Bar which is nearby on the trendy Portobello Road.

There is more choice in Bayswater than there is in any other part of West London. The vibrant and cosmopolitan community offers a varied selection of restaurants and bars. You can really take your pick from delicacies from Africa, the Middle East, or even the USA.

By taking a stroll along Queensway in the heart of Bayswater, you will pass a number of restaurants who are serving food from all over the world. If you fancy something quick you can pop into one of the many supermarkets in the area -that’s if you have been chosen for the office milkrun!

If you fancy something more upmarket and are willing to take a short stroll, you should walk through Hyde Park to areas like Kensington and Knightsbridge. They have very different feels to Bayswater and offer something a little more classy.

Portobello Road is a short bus ride away and there are many small patisseries and mini boutiques along its route. There are also several local shopping destinations such as the bustling Edgware Road market as well as Queensway Market where you can pick up fresh food and vintage fashion.


If you are looking to take the office out on a team building night out or are after some after work entertainment, Bayswater is certainly not short of options. There are lots of pubs and bars in the local vicinity. The best bet is to take your employees out for a curry followed by drinks in the the bars along the lively streets in the suburb. If you take a trip into Kensington Park Gardens, you will come across ‘The Lonsdale’ which is considered to be on of the world’s top 20 bars (according to Drinks International).

The other places of interest near Bayswater are:

Bayswater never really sleeps, there is no other place like it in London. There is so much to do and you will find cinemas, bowling alleys, spas, shopping centres, and a number of galleries who host regular exhibitions.


Bayswater has the highest concentration of hotels in London, so you will certainly not struggle to find somewhere to stay in the area. Finding clients or business partners a room for the night won’t be a problem. There are literally hundreds of hotels along Queensway; Bayswater Road and Inverness Terrace has many apartments available for rent housed in its many stucco terraces.

Some of the best rated hotels in Bayswater include:

Being in Zone One of the London Underground network means travel is easy and also relatively cheap. In addition to being highly sought after by business owners, Bayswater is also very popular amongst holidaymakers who are on city breaks. If you don’t fancy underground travel, then you can take many of the connecting busses which pass through the suburb. The number 7, 23, 27 and 70 all pass along Bayswater Road and offer a great alternative to the tube - the bus route is mainly occupied by locals on their daily commute.


Bayswater is a suburban central London location yet remains very green, which is amazing despite it being the most densely populated area of London. Hyde Park is 2 minutes away from Queensway and is home to 4,000 trees. Furthermore, The Serpentine Meadows (amongst others) host concerts locally throughout the summer. Hyde Park is London's most visited and most famous park; across the road you’ll find the Royal Albert Hall as well as the Natural History Museum. The Victoria and Albert Museum is also relatively short walking distance away from Bayswater.

Kensington Gardens is right next to Hyde Park and also contains many magnificent trees and flower beds. It’s also home to the Peter Pan statue and Serpentine Gallery. Both parks are a great ways of escaping the relentlessly busy Bayswater suburb. The two parks are great for taking quiet dinner breaks or you could even join the mass of joggers for a pre-work workout.

History of the area

The land which is now known as Baywater originally belonged to the Abbey of Westminster when the Domesday Book was compiled. It was then largely undeveloped until the terraces and grand squares in the suburb were built in the 1800s.

The arrival of the Great Western Railway at Paddington Station attracted further developments in the neighborhood, accelerating the growth of the area as it became the place we know and love today.

Bayswater actually spent much of the 19th century in decline. This was halted by the injection of government grants in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. This helped the area reinvent itself and turned around its failing fortunes.

The suburb which is adjacent to Hyde Park is now a cosmopolitan area which is steeped in fantastic history. It’s a real melting pot of different languages, cultures and religions. Amongst the splendid Edwardian and Georgian terraces you’ll find the finest world cuisine, breathtaking gardens, and parks that’ll let you walk along the same streets as many famous faces throughout the past. Notable residents of Bayswater (both past and present):

There is now a significant international population in Bayswater. There are residents from across the world, including Greece, America, Brazil and many Arab countries. The central location of the area also attracts many young professionals and also wealthier families; they are drawn in by the architecture as well as the relatively low rental and purchase costs of properties in the area.

The largely residential area is surrounded by fantastic places like Notting Hill, Kensington, Maida Vale, Mayfair and Paddington. Bayswater remains a colourful location. Interspersed amongst the grand houses and hotels, there are also beautiful gardens and exciting attractions.

It’s a noisy place, nothing ever stops in Bayswater, so if your company is fast paced, you are sure to fit in!

Bayswater facts:

You’ll find lots of cheap yet well furnished office space in Bayswater. The serviced offices in Bayswater are generally housed in Georgian and Edwardian townhouses, built along many vibrant and bustling roads. The main roads in the neighbourhood are Bayswater Road, Queensway, and Bishops Bridge Road. If you want the convenience of being in Central London, whilst having the niceties of the nearby Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, Bayswater is the place for you. Bayswater’s serviced offices are contemporary and offer large open rooms which are fit for any type of business. The meeting rooms in Bayswater are also available on the many busy terraced roads in the area. They are affordable and conveniently located near a number of underground stations.