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Bloomsbury Serviced Office Space

Bloomsbury office space.If you are thinking about renting serviced offices in the West End of London, you will find a huge variety of office space in Bloomsbury that will accommodate specifically to your business type and the obligations you stick to.

Bloomsbury office space is fully furnished with superb contemporary facilities that current tenants in other offices make full use of.

Bloomsbury is an area of West End London that attracts many tourists and residents due to the sunny parks and beautiful fresh green grass that blankets the general area. Bloomsbury is distinctive to other West End districts due to the fast pace in which it expands and develops at. 

Bloomsbury started as a run down area that nobody paid much attention to, it is now one of the top business districts and most visited areas in the West End of London.

The freshness of this area makes it very attractive to businesses and companies, it is a well cared for area that residents and employers pride in for its natural vibrancy that radiates each street.

Office space in Bloomsbury tends to be admirably modern as the design and decoration of the offices are usually imaginative and dramatic in their structures. 

Office space here and residences alike, make use of the beauty and nature that surrounds Bloomsbury by having open spaces and big windows to take full advantage of the natural lighting.

It can be a preferral place for businesses to rent here as the open spaces and fresh air is said to give a dispersal of creativity and is famous for its cultural hotspots. 

Bloomsbury creates an overall feeling of relaxation and employers and business owners will feel the energy from the village-like atmosphere. This allows people to embrace Bloomsbury as a place to feel inspired and engaged with their working life as they fray away from an industrial city atmosphere.

Business around Bloomsbury

Due to the nature of this area, there are brilliant educational institutes that are placed around the nicest parks and the cleanest streets. The freshness of the air and the squares of parks create a very social environment for students to enjoy here as well as the employees working in the area.

Bloomsbury brings business from all sectors and industries but is mostly popular with artistic institutes and IT services. Many companies that rent here have a creative spark and media awareness, therefore many of the businesses are socially connected and in touch with what each other business brings to the industry.

On the other hand, this village-like district has brought in many companies from the medical sector, as a result of the education in the British Medical Association that is also established in Bloomsbury.

The area attracts dental and other health service surgeries that are of a high status and very well honored for their delivery of service.

Bloomsbury moves at a very fast pace in terms of the companies and business sectors that invest in the area and this is one of the things that makes Bloomsbury distinctive, as it is always evolving in the kind of business it attracts and holds. 

Inner Streets and Squares for Business

Within the district of Bloomsbury, there are notable streets that are popular with those who wish to rent in West End London or those that already do. 

Whilst no single street is home to only one sector of business, there are streets that are most known for containing certain business types.

New Oxford Street - This street occupies the south-west of Bloomsbury and is bursting with culture and busy companies. 

New Oxford Street is the main street that joins High Holborn to Bloomsbury and has been in place since 1847. Initially, the street was built as an additional space for the original Oxford Street and the line of shops it was and still remains famous for. However, the original plan to reduce the traffic in the shopping district was soon adjusted as it became home to residentials and a vast area of businesses. 

Commercially, this street became very successful in terms of business in the banks, warehouses and companies that rented out smaller office spaces.

In current days, these institutes have expanded and have been joined by new sectors of business due to the introduction of new media and technology.

Current businesses include IT services that support each other, creating a big IT network.

If you were to rent space in West End London as a CEO of an IT or online sales business, renting in Bloomsbury will give you all the right facilities and technology that you will require. 

In addition to these services, you will also come across media and marketing companies that are happy to help out with any other companies across Bloomsbury.

One of the biggest media support services have made their success on New Oxford Street by working with clients such as Disney and Sky, working towards giving these clients the best media publications possible.

For media focussed companies, there are facilities available that supply clients and businesses with the best and most advanced advertising and broadcasting equipment on the market.  Renting office space in the media sector will advantage you in many ways as you can take up opportunities to rent out other applicable facilities.

Other available facilities include conference meeting rooms that are fully serviced and can be easily booked and rented by surrounding businesses. 

Great Russell Street - Another of the most popular and most fully-packed streets of Bloomsbury, first created in 1670 to accommodate tall and spectacular buildings for high-class prestigious home owners. However, by the 19th century, it became much more commercial with the new design plans to build the British Museum, this therefore brought in a big crowd of tourists and inspired architects to add more buildings.

Just like New Oxford Street, the business types here do variate, however some of the biggest industries that are based here are very well known and they provoke business owners and clients to associate Great Russell Street with these top companies.

Massage parlors and health salons dominate a lot of this street. As a business looking to rent, you should be aware of the dominating business types and compare your chances of gaining clients around these other companies. 

On the other side of things, marketing specialists make their money through basing their businesses here. They are thoroughly recommended throughout West London for their excellent work with respected clients. 

The variations of business on this street make this a unique place to rent offices, as you will be surrounded by different types of people and work. 

Ideal Location

Bloomsbury makes a perfect location for business and renting office space, as it is central and very well connected with other parts of West End London. 

It begins at the north of Holborn, ending at Euston Road and is conveniently bounded at the East of the West End, making it a compact area and easy to get around.

The convenience of Bloomsbury comes from the close by transport links and the easy ways to get in and out of the district. 

It is a great idea to travel in and out of Bloomsbury through bus, as there are 12 bus routes that travel into Bloomsbury and also travel around the city for clients to get easy access into the area. 

For those that work on night shifts, there are night buses that run regularly in the later hours, being a great advantage for workers in Bloomsbury.

Tube stations that are easily accessible are Russell Square and Euston Square, these are only a short walk away from every street in Bloomsbury. 

You also have the choice of travelling by train if you are situated quite far away. 

Euston, St Pancras and Kings Cross are ideally built on the far boundary of Bloomsbury just on the edge of Euston Road.

Although Bloomsbury is so small, you should not be put off by the fact it is so compact and the complete opposite to an industrial atmosphere, because it is definitely internationally connected as you have the freedom to travel to other clients simply and regularly through airlines that run smoothly and sufficiently. 

Bloomsbury’s Best Entertainment

Looking to rent in Bloomsbury is more complex than simply just looking into the vacant offices, it is also a case of understanding the surrounding area and what other things you can enjoy outside of the workspace.

The popular culture and sources of entertainment cannot go a miss in Bloomsbury.

The culture in this district is thriving and unique in the sense that it brings together entertainment of all types for people to enjoy. 

Although it is not the centre of West End theatres, one of the main highlights of Bloomsbury is the theatre that is located centrally.

It has a fully booked programme of events to suit tastes of all music, drama, comedy and dance styles.

It has the capacity for 535 people to sit comfortably and enjoy different professional shows. 

A lot of people prefer this theatre to mainstream ones because it is part of the University College London and tends to be home to indie and unique performances, that also come at a cheaper price.

This theatre was a stepping stone for many top current comedians and performers such as Lily Savage and Jimmy Carr.

The diversity in performance subjects attracts a lot of contrasting visitors, many of which are employers and respected business people, making this theatre a great way to meet new CEOs and VIPs. 

The main attraction of Bloomsbury is the museum scene and the historic culture these museums display. The British Museum It is located on Great Russell Street and accessible from Tottenham Court Road tube station and has opening times that will fit around your working day. 

This museum evokes world-wide culture and devotes immense sections to cultural history. You will find it essential to visit this museum more than once, as the exhibitions regularly change and each one is just as fantastic as the last.

Living or working in Bloomsbury should involve you to take a journey through London’s culture and history, so where else better to discover this than the British Museum?

Residency and Accommodation 

As a potential tenant in Bloomsbury, you should consider the factors of living there and what options you have in terms of choice of rent. 

Whether you to choose to live in Bloomsbury or on the outskirts, you are likely to find somewhere perfect for you and your desires.

Bedford Square is a very famous residential area throughout the whole of the West End as house owners are usually of a very high middle class and has been the choice of area for Lords and Dukes to call home. 

Choosing to live here will give you access to the private garden that other residents that live out of Bedford Square are eager to visit.

If you are looking to rent accommodation, you are going to find it the best option to rent a flat, as these are the most popular and prevalent choice on the market. 

There are many flats and apartments to rent around Bloomsbury, many lie on Ridgmount Street, Gower Street and Bloomsbury Way. 

Whatever your family size, you are bound to find the right place to live in Bloomsbury areas. 

Successful Business 

Bloomsbury has a very successful business past that still continues to flourish. There has been businesses that have made their fortune in Bloomsbury and still continue to do so, such as Bloomsbury Publishing, who have published world famous book series such as J.K Rowling's Harry Potter series. The company founder, Nigel Newton has made his way up to the top whilst publishing works of top authors such as Joanna Trollope and Margaret Atwood.

There are other single successful people that have formed from the business and lifestyle of Bloomsbury. 

J.M Barry was a playwright and author of novels that wrote and based his famous story of Peter Pan in Bloomsbury itself, around the area in which he lived (Guilford Street). His fairytale story is still to this day one of the World’s most famous.

John Maynard Keynes also made his fortune as an economist in Bloomsbury and was seen as the founder of macroeconomics and considered as the most inspiring and famous economist of the 20th century.

Following as another succession for the artistic industry, George Dance was an outstanding architect in British history and also worked on over 50 buildings in London, including Tottenham Court Road and Wesley’s Chapel.

As expected, Bloomsbury produces hundreds of successful businesses and entrepreneurs each year, especially in the medical and artistic sectors.

As expected, Bloomsbury produces hundreds of successful businesses and entrepreneurs each year, especially in the medical and artistic sectors.

Renting office space in Bloomsbury will push your business to its full potential as you can take influences from other companies and enjoy the immense scenery that surrounds the entirety of Bloomsbury.