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Office space on Bond Street and things to do in the area

Bond Street office spaces.As it’s one of the West End’s most prominent roads, there is a great deal of office space on Bond Street which is ready to be moved into straight away. It has been a prestigious part of the capital since the 18th century, so having your own serviced offices on Bond Street could do wonders for your business. You are in a prime location and anyone your company deals with will be mightily impressed by that fact that you have Bond Street office space.

Whether you need serviced offices, ones with meeting rooms or ones with conference facilities, you will certainly be able to find such an office space to rent on Bond Street. Because the surrounding Mayfair area is one of London’s most prestigious office areas, there are plenty of great spaces available on and around Bond Street.

Bond Street House is one of the prime office locations in the area, boasting a beautiful exterior and large office spaces inside, which are fully fitted with great interiors that are both practical, functional and highly aesthetically pleasing. This is only one of the prime examples of the superb office space available on Bond Street and around the immediate and surrounding area.

This is a fantastic road to work on because of its prime location right in the heart of London - it runs from north to south, starting at Oxford Street and going down through Mayfair and ending on Piccadilly. The northern part of the street is known as New Bond Street, whilst the southern bit is referred to as Old Bond Street (the former takes up around three quarters of all of Bond Street, as the ‘Old’ portion only covers the bottom stretch). However, most people just call it Bond Street regardless - the street was constructed from south to north, but the ‘New’ part is actually hundreds of years old now.

About Bond Street

As one of London’s major streets - especially famous in terms of shopping - Bond Street has long been synonymous with wealth and elegance all over the world, as it contains some of the most exclusive designer shops and boutiques in all of the city. On Bond Street you can find designer fashion proprietors, glamorous jewellery and highly sought-after antique goods. In addition to this, there are also a number of fine dining establishments, many of which are amongst the best lunch and dinner spots in the whole city.

The history of Bond Street goes way back to the start of the 1700s, ever since which time it has served as a favourite location of some of the richest, most famous and most influential Londoners (and residents of London) who have ever lived. The street is said to have come into being around 1680 - which was the southern Old Bond Street area initially, and then in 1720 the layout as it is now known was complete, and the New Bond Street area added to it to create Bond Street.

The street is named after Sir Thomas Bond, a baronet who owned a great deal of land - a house in Pall Mall, country estates in Camberwell and Peckham, land in Kirkby Malham (in North Yorkshire) and Fountains Fell (in the Yorkshire Dales). He was made a baronet by King Charles II in 1658, right before the restoration of the monarchy which took place two years later. He was also made the comptroller (a management level position) of the estate of Charles II’s mother, Queen Henrietta Maria. Bond died in 1685, only five years after the inception of the street which was named after him. Sir Thomas Bond is not only famous because of Bond Street, though - he is also well-know for being one of the fictional ancestors of Ian Fleming’s spy character, James Bond. In fact, the Bond film The World Is Not Enough actually took its title from the motto of Sir Thomas Bond’s family coat of arms. This only reinforces Bond Street’s quintessential Britishness - how much more British can you get than the monarchy and James Bond?

The Fine Art Society has been based on New Bond Street since 1876, so for a long time the road has been a huge destination in the art world. The Society was founded by a group of art appreciators, the leading ones being the famous publisher William Longman, a lawyer and writer named Marcus Bourne Huish, and politician Archibald Stuart Wortley. The main focus of the gallery was fine British art (ranging from the year 1600 onwards), and that is still a prevalent theme of the gallery today.

The Fine Art Society is also well-known for starting off the ‘one-man exhibition’ - in 1879 they sent American-born British-based artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler to Venice to produce a dozen etchings of the city over a three month period. Whistler liked Venice so much that he ended up staying for over a year and producing round 50 etchings - all of which were exhibited upon his return. While he was away in Venice, the Fine Art Society exhibited a collection of watercolour paintings by J. M. W. Turner, and have over the years also shown the works of many highly regarded artists, such as John Singer Sargent, Walter Crane, John Everett Millias and, more recently, the sculptor Emily Young.


Good transport links are something which is very important in a city as huge as London. Your employees will greatly appreciate being in close proximity to good transport, as it is one less thing for them to worry about; working in London can be rather stressful as we all know. Luckily, Bond Street could perhaps not be any better equipped with nearby transport links if it tried. There are half a dozen tube stations in the vicinity, all within reasonable walking distance. One is of course Bond Street tube station which is located on Oxford Street in actual fact, as well as Green Park tube station which is right by the southern tip of Old Bond Street, and a bit further away are Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Piccadilly Circus and Marble Arch tube stations.

Dining on and around Bond Street

You and your employees will need somewhere to eat if you’re going to work on or around Bond Street - luckily you will be situated in one of the best parts of all of London where cuisine is concerned. On Bond Street and all around it are eating establishments which can accommodate all tastes and budgets. Whether you want a spot of lunch, some dinner after work, or simply want to have a meeting with a client in a coffee shop, you’ll find the perfect place in this area.


Owned of course by the famous London-based Italian restaurateur Antonio Carluccio, this is the place for those who want to experience authentic Italian cuisine of a good quality but at affordable prices. With mains ranging between £10 and £20 maximum, Carluccio’s is the perfect spot for a classy lunch with a client or simply a few colleagues. The service is less formal than some of the other restaurants around the Bond Street area, but that is not to say that it’s not excellent - because it is superb. The friendly staff add to the authentic Italian experience, and you’ll leave satisfied every time. It’s located right by Bond Street tube station, so it’s only a short walk from anywhere in the surrounding Mayfair and Marylebone areas.

Lamb & Flag

Also located a stone’s throw from Bond Street tube station is the Lamb & Flag, a delightful authentically British pub which retains an extremely classy and traditional style, but still has its finger firmly on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not. It’s open from 11:30 AM every day of the week and serve food from noon until 9 PM throughout the week. Its food menu is all-encompassing and has something for everyone - the menu offers up pub classics like fish and chips, bangers and mash, Hunter’s chicken, roast beef, shortcrust-pastry pies, and also tasty burgers and steaks for those who like a their pub meal to incorporate a bit of Americana.

Drinks-wise this pub’s got everything you want - real British ales, bottled beers from all corners of the world, cider for a summer refresher, a good selection of wines, and your favourite soft drinks. The Lamb & Flag would be a perfect eatery for any time of day - whether you fancy killing an hour in there over lunch, or going after work for a nice slap-up meal and a few evening pints. You never know, it just might become your new favourite local before you know it.

The Diner

Fans of American food should definitely check out The Diner, which is located on Ganton Street in Carnaby, just past Regent Street and thereby not far from Bond Street at all. They serve American classics to cover breakfast, lunch and dinner, so any time of day you go you’ll come out with a full stomach and an unrivalled gastric satisfaction. It’s a superb lunch spot because it’s so easy on the wallet (mains are all under £10) and would also be a good place to treat a client to a satisfying meal.

Other attractions

Royal Arcade

Fans of jewellery and antiques will be in heaven inside the Royal Arcade, with its numerous high class shops and boutiques. It was built in the late 1870s and features a stunning interior with a glass roof. Located on the southern and older part of Bond Street, the Royal Arcade is a British institution and should be visited not only by tourists who’ve travelled thousands of miles, but locals too.

The Allies Statue

Located on Bond Street is the ‘Allies’ statue by Lawrence Holofcener. It has been there since 1995 and depicts ex-Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and US President Franklin D. Roosevelt sat on a bench talking. It is of course symbolic of the Allies’ staunch opposition to Naziism throughout the Second World War, and was unveiled on the 50th anniversary of the end of the war to represent the half century of peace.

The Nelson plaque

British naval hero Admiral Horatio Nelson lived at number 147 New Bond Street in 1797, and is said to have also lived at two additional Bond Street addresses later on. When he lived at number 147 he had just come back from the Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in which he lost his right arm and was being nursed back to health by his wife.

Rent office space on Bond Street

Location is everything in any part of the world, but especially so in London. Bond Street is one of London’s prime locations, and it boasts a great deal of office space - not only on the street itself but in the surrounding areas of Mayfair and Marylebone. Because they are right in the heart of London, the offices based on and around Bond Street have brilliant facilities and are ready to be moved into right away. Given that there are a great deal of shops and restaurants on Bond Street, you could not be in a better location. Above the shops and restaurants are office spaces which would be perfect for any company.

Working on Bond Street is something your families and friends will be envious of, because it has everything the London-based professional could ever want. There is both small and large office space to rent on Bond Street, so there is something to suit businesses of all sizes and all natures. These are always available due to the size and scope of the area, so what are you waiting for? Serviced offices on Bond Street are highly desirable but extremely available at all times.

Given the fact that it is a London institution, Bond Street office space would be a superb asset to any business. When your customers and clients - or in fact anyone you deal with - finds out you rent office space on Bond Street or around that area, their estimation of you will go up instantly and considerably.