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Charing Cross Road Office Space Guide

Charing Cross Road office space.Charing Cross is a wonderfully vibrant street in the Centre of London. In terms of businesses, Charing Cross caters to a variety of companies and sectors. Office space to rent in Charing Cross is varied, as well as widely ranging in price. On Charing Cross Road, more specifically, there is a small but good choice of offices spaces available to rent. There’s a large office complex which will be particularly advantageous who businesses require modern amenities in an excellent location. Furthermore, there is also many serviced offices in Charing Cross which can meet virtually every business need.

While the Charing Cross area does have office space available, you may also have to venture further if you want variety. Duncannon Street, for example, has some excellent offices space to rent in WC2H. In addition to this, if you require temporary office space to hire, then there are many choices in the area. The Charing Cross Hotel is a fantastic option for business meetings and special one-off events.

There are many shops situated along this street, including 5 retailers which specifically sell musical instruments and miscellaneous accompaniments. In addition to this, there are also plenty of cafes and coffee shops to keep employees happy during their lunch break. This means that Charing Cross is a fantastic location for new and established businesses alike.

28 Charing Cross Road

In terms of office space in Charing Cross Road, there is a small number of options for small to medium sizes companies. At the end of the street, close to Covent Garden and Soho, there is WC2 office space available. The address is:

28 Charing Cross Road
Covent Garden

The property has excellent transportation links and is serviced by the Leicester Square underground and Charing Cross station closeby. Furthermore, the office space has good amenities:

The office area is bright, airy, and there is 1200 sq ft of space available. If you are interested in price, furthermore, you can expect to pay roughly £30 per square foot for this type of office.

120 Charing Cross Road (WC2H 0JR)

Located just above T.K Maxx, this office space is a bright and airy option for a medium to large sized office. The space covers nearly 3 floors (3rd-6th) and is currently being refurbished to improve the office facilities. This includes wooden floors and plaster ceilings. The building is within a fantastic area, situated in the midst of various shops and places to eat at lunchtime.

The 5th floor office is 822 square feet and is priced at £42.50 per square feet. The 6th floor is also £42.50 per square feet and is only slightly smaller (820 square feet). In terms of office amenities, there are the following features:

Like most offices in the area, the office rates are available upon request.

Shared Office Space on Charing Cross Road

In terms of other office space in Charing Cross Road, there are some options for sharing an office facility. These offices generally tend to be smaller (as expected) but are still equipped with good amenities. Amongst others, this includes:

For all of these features, plus an excellent location, you can expect to pay around £250 per person, per month.

Duncannon Street

If you are looking for property in the Charing Cross Road area, then Duncannon Street could also be a good option. Just opposite the Charing Cross Train Station (100m), there is an office complex which caters specifically towards businesses who require rented office space. The fully furnished office suites are modern and have been tastefully decorated. There are no startup costs and the license agreements are also flexible. In terms of amenities, furthermore, this office complex is rather impressive. There is:

In addition to this, occupants in the office have access to high speed internet and various meeting room throughout the complex. Given the excellent amenities and location, however, the rent is quite substantial (although very indicative of the wider area). Serviced offices in Duncannon Street start at £650 per desk.

Meeting Space

While it can be difficult to find office space on Charing Cross Road, the opposite is true for renting meeting rooms. The Guoman Charing Cross Hotel, for example, has wonderful facilities for businesses that require temporary solutions for hosting meetings. There are 9 meetings rooms that can be hired out at this hotel. Each meeting space is decorated to a very high standard and will certainly impress colleagues and clients. Furthermore, each room can accommodate a different number of guests to suit your event. The smallest room is for 16 people and the largest can host up to 150 people. The rooms can also be configured any way that you see fit. In the past, the Charing Cross Hotel has rented out its meeting rooms for training seminars, special events, and important meetings for various clients.

In addition, it’s also possible to rent meeting space at Church House Conference Centre. The venue is a fantastic option for businesses who are hosting conference events and important meetings. Church House is advantageously located close to Charing Cross and has a wonderful view of Westminster Abbey. There are 19 rooms in the centre and each can accommodate a variety of occasions and number of guests. In previous occasions, the centre has been used for AGMs, board meetings, conferences, gala dinners, award ceremonies, and product launches. This is a beautiful and impressive venue to host any of your business events.


Given the excellent location and amenities of Charing Cross Road, it should come as little surprise that private property is rather expensive. For a one bedroom flat, for example, you can expect to pay just under £2000 a month.

107-109 Charing Cross Road

The Saint Martin Lofts is a joint venture project and will bring 13 luxury apartments onto Charing Cross Road. The flats will be located above the iconic Foyles bookstore (founded in 1903) and all will feature a private terrace. Even more, the apartment complex is south-facing so that occupants will have a fantastic view of the surrounding city.

This project should be completed in 2014 and will be highly sought after. Nevertheless, the project is a testament to Charing Cross Road’s status as a commercial and residential centre in London.


Charing Cross Tube Station is located between Trafalgar Square and The Strand tube stops. The station is served the Bakerloo and Northern lines. Furthermore, it only takes five minutes from Charing Cross to reach Oxford Street. This means that it’s excellently situated for commuters and the area receives regular waves of tourists which contribute to the local economy.

In terms of parking in Charing Cross, there is a small number of options. You can either try parking in St. Martin’s Lane NCP or Trafalgar Masterpark. While spaces are difficult to come by, they are also advantageously located just 5 minutes away from Charing Cross Station.

Local History

Since the reign of Edward I, Charing Cross has been traditionally considered as the centre of London. This is because in 1290, the King’s wife, Eleanor, died on a journey to visit Edward while stationed at Lincoln. In absolute grief, Edward decided to install 12 crosses at each stopping point of her funeral procession. The locations of the cross included: Lincoln, Grantham, Stamford, Geddington, Hardingstone, Stony Stratford, Woburn, Dunstable, St. Albans, Waltham, Cheapside, and Charing Cross. For many years, the locale of Charing kept its cross intact (although the current cross is a replica that was created in 1863).

Nowadays, the Charing Cross Roundabout is home to a statue of Charles I which was erected in 1675.

Culture and Lifestyle


Charing Cross is a wonderful location for people who love to browse for and and buy books. There is a great variety of specialist bookshops, second-hand stores, and even academic book stores.

In addition to this, there is also the Charing Cross Library. The Library as built in 1890 as a woolen warehouse but was converted into an Italian club in 1934. Following its seizure by the Custodian of Enemy Property in WWII, the site became a public library in 1948. The characteristic which makes the Charing Cross Library distinct is its section called the Chinese Library. Furthermore, there is also a large music collection and a wide range of CD’s for the public to listen to.


There are lots of places where people can go to buy and hear music in Charing Cross. The Musicroom, located close to the Tottenham Court Road tube, the venue has an incredible musical history. Everyone from The Beatles, to the Sex Pistols, and Jimi Hendrix have played at the Musicroom. Furthermore, they also sell printed music books and music tuition DVDs.


There is a plethora of places to eat in Charing Cross. Depending on your tastes and budget, there will be something to suit you.

If you like Belgian food, then you should definitely try Leon De Bruxelles. The family-owned business has been running restaurants around the world since 1863. Some of the specialities include mussels and chips, sweet waffles, and plenty of imported Belgian beer.

Molly Moggs is a premiere London cabaret bar located in Soho and has been a local landmark since 1731 (just minutes away from Charing Cross). This venue has been voted the Best Cabaret & Entertainment Venue and is home to fabulous drag queens and even better cocktails. On Fridays and Saturdays, there is also an open mic night for locals.


The Strand Gallery

The Strand Gallery is one of the premiere art galleries in London. In 2010, the Proud Galleries family became the Strand Gallery and it has enjoyed success ever since. The venue exhibits a variety of modern photography collections from across the world. There are several free exhibitions and the Strand makes an effort to continually update its collection.

The Strand benefits from organising its collection according to genre and special exhibitions. At the moment, for example, you can see photography arranged according to Music, Film, Documentary, and London district.

The Cenotaph

The Cenotaph is located in the middle of Whitehall, some three minutes from Charing Cross Train Station. As a memorial for the fallen soldiers of WWI, the Cenotaph is likely to attract more visitors at the November centenary quickly approaches. The monument is specifically dedicated to British and Commonwealth soldiers who died during the Great War. Although it might not seem an obvious place to visit, it’s definitely a sight worth seeing if you are living, working, or visiting Charing Cross.

Offices in Charing Cross

This is a fantastic location for businesses who wish to situate themselves in a popular area with great options for renting office space in Charing Cross. You either have the option of renting an office above a shop, sharing a space with another business, or renting your own floor(s) in a new office complex. There are many benefits to each option; it’s simply a case of doing your research and finding a solution that suits you and your office.

If you are looking for conference venues in Charing Cross, then there are many hotels and centres which can cater to your needs. The Church House Conference Centre is a fantastic place for large-scale business events and is extremely popular for hosting corporate banquets. If this venue is a bit large for you, however, you can also rent meeting rooms in Charing Cross Hotel. This venue has been decorated to an extremely high standard and offers many of the amenities you would expect in this area.

The great thing about Charing Cross office space, is the fantastic transport links and wonderful local restaurants. This will ensure that your office has plenty to do beyond working hours. Furthermore, Charing Cross has a fascinating history and many attractions which can occupy employees, locals, and residents alike.