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Office Space on Denmark Street

Information about serviced offices on Denmark Street.Located just above Covent Garden and sandwiched between Carnaby to the west and Holborn to the east is the incredible Denmark Street. Given its prime location right in the middle of London, there is a great deal of office space to rent on Denmark Street and in the surrounding area. A serviced office on Denmark Street would be an asset to any business, as not only is it a superb location but the street itself is well-known throughout London and has a rich history - especially in popular culture.

When clients and customers - and anyone who comes into contact with your business, for that matter - finds out you rent office space on Denmark Street, or around there, their estimation of you and your organisation will go up quickly and considerably.

Whether what you need are serviced offices, conference venues or meeting rooms on Denmark Street, you will find what you need - if not on Denmark Street itself then in the surrounding area, as it is in a fantastic location. Denmark Street is right in the middle of everything; pretty much all the amenities you’ll ever need are within walking distance.

Given that it’s one of London’s most famous streets in regards to its contribution to popular culture, Denmark Street would be somewhere any London-based professional would be glad to work on or around. The area boasts a great number of bars and restaurants - many of which are independently owned and full of unique character - which would make the perfect location for a light lunch, and even hearty and fulfilling evening meals. There are also a great many shops of all different kinds on and around Denmark Street, in which you can spend a lunch hour on your feet perusing. There is always something going on around the Denmark Street area, because it’s right at the heart of the city.


Because of its amazingly central location, the transport links around the Denmark Street vicinity are brilliant. The closest tube station is Tottenham Court Road on New Oxford Street, which is just north of Denmark Street and only a little over a hundred metres away from either end of it. Covent Garden tube station is to the southeast of Denmark Street and is the second closest, and there are also Leicester Square and Holborn tube stations close by too. There are around eight tube stations within a kilometre of Denmark Street, in fact, which is fantastic for anyone who would be working in the area. Because London is so big, pretty much everyone has to withstand a daily commute to one degree or another; some of your employees will be commuting from other central London areas, whilst others will come into London every day from commuter towns in the surrounding counties. For this reason, having excellent transport links is key to the job satisfaction of your staff, as it is one less thing for them and you to worry about - and so the Denmark Street area makes a great place for any company or organisation to base themselves, because it is so easy to get to.

The surrounding area

Just a kilometre or so south of Denmark Street is the River Thames, with Westminster and Belgravia to the southwest, Knightsbridge west southwest, Mayfair and Carnaby directly west, Marylebone west northwest and Shoreditch a few kilometres to the east.

Another perk of working on or around Denmark Street is that there are a fair few parks and green spaces close by. The big ones are just a kilometre or so south, with St. James’s Park (with its beautiful lake), Green Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens all clustered together. There are smaller green areas much closer, however, with Soho Square less than 200 metres to the west of Denmark Street, and Bedford Square Garden about 400 metres to the north. Both of these areas would be a great place to enjoy a lunch hour stroll as they are well within walking distance.

Oxford Street is literally a couple of hundred feet away from Denmark Street (if that), and is of course one of London’s most well-known roads. It is said to be the busiest shopping streets in Europe, and boasts hundreds of shops of all different kinds. There are some massive department stores on Oxford Street, as well as other large retailers and food chains. It is a great place for anyone who fancies spending their lunch hour on their feet or needs to take the opportunity to grab a few bits.

Restaurants and places to eat

Office workers on and around Denmark Street are spoilt for choice when it comes to lunchtime. There is something nearby to suit every eater, with an all-encompassing range of cuisine within a very short distance. Oxford Street boasts a number of lunchtime dining establishments, and may be the best bet for anyone who’s never quite sure what they want.

There are the great light lunch spots all over on Oxford Street, like Pret a Manger and Marks & Spencer Simply Food, as well as the world’s favourite fast food chains such as McDonald’s, KFC, and Subway. Here are some other eateries in the area:


Fans of soup should definitely try the aptly-named EAT; they serve a variety of soups in a range of sizes, so you can pick a huge one if you feel particularly peckish, and there’s also nice chunks of bread and dumplings for a small extra cost. They also have pie and mash options and numerous salads and sandwiches which can be served hot or cold. The variety in EAT means you can grab your lunch there several times a week without getting bored - the soups and pies change daily.

There are also a number of coffee shops around Denmark Street, most of which can be found on Oxford Street just a hundred or so yards away. No matter which nationwide coffeehouse is your favourite - Starbucks, Costa or Cafe Nero - you’ll be able to get your caffeine fix at any time of day! It’s also worth noting that Pret a Manger serve cups of fresh filter coffee for 99p - they’re well-known for it - which is great value, especially if you’re prone to having at least one or more cups a day!


It doesn’t get more cosmopolitan than Denmark Street, so you’ll need a highly cosmopolitan and convenient lunch spot to frequent on occasion. Just such a place would be Wasabi which is only a stone’s throw away on Oxford Street. Wasabi are sushi specialists who make their fine fresh food daily with fantastic ingredients. As you’ll probably already know, sushi is super healthy because it contains fresh seafood and vegetables, as well as the odd cuboid of rice. For this reason it makes the perfect office lunch. You can stay in or take away, which can be a life saver when you’re snowed under with work but require a good meal to refuel with.

There are also a whole bunch of other eateries in the vicinity of Denmark Street, so there is a venue for every occasion - a lunch meeting with a client, an after-work drink or two, a Christmas party or a leaving do. If you relocate to office space around this area your staff and your clients will appreciate it, as there’s nothing worse than not having anywhere good to go for lunch or an evening drink to cap off a hard week.


As it appears on national surveys dating back as far as 1730, it would be safe to say that Denmark Street is a rather well established road in London! At this time, the whole surrounding area was basically a slum (referred to as a ‘rookery’), which had developed sometime that century. It stayed this way for many years, but by the end of the 1800s it was mostly cleared. Now of course, the area surrounding Denmark Street is one which is synonymous with popular culture and also the world famous Oxford Street, which is one of Europe’s favourite shopping areas.

Denmark Street is best known, however, for its rich history in music culture. Due to this, there are now many music shops on the street itself and in the nearby streets - which is said to be the biggest cluster of music-related shops anywhere in London.

A great many musicians have been involved with Denmark Street in some respect or another over the years, some of which have become household names all over the world. The street itself has played a large part in the making of these musicians, which is quite remarkable given the fact that the street itself is only very small. Through the 1950s and 1960s, Denmark Street was a hot spot for songwriters and publishers, and many musicians played in its cafes before they hit the big time.

Iconic British band the Rolling Stones recorded their debut album at Regent Sounds Studio, which is located on Denmark Street. The year was 1964 and was the beginning of something very big for the band, which went on to enjoy great success in Britain and worldwide - especially in the United States. Throughout the rest of the sixties and well into the seventies they continued to adapt their music styles and produced some of the great rock’n’roll music the world has ever seen. It all started right here on Denmark Street when they recorded their self-titled first album, which was actually all covers of other artists’ songs bar one.

There have been some other notable musical happenings on Denmark Street. George Harrison bought an acoustic guitar from a Denmark Street music shop, which was used to play on the Beatles song “Till There Was You” from their second album, With the Beatles.

Denmark Street would be a perfect place to rent an office for any company involved in music in any way, because the rich heritage of the street will work to your advantage and impress people.

Rent office space on Denmark Street

Location is extremely important for businesses - especially in London. Denmark Street is one of the very best locations in all of London, simply because it is at the centre of everything. The road itself is only small, but there is fantastic office space up for grabs - if not on Denmark Street itself then in the immediate surrounding area; Carnaby and Mayfair are only a few hundred feet away. Because these areas are right in the centre of London, the offices around this whole area have brilliant facilities, are decorated wonderfully and are ready to move into straight away.

Due to the wide variety of shops and restaurants around the Denmark Street area, you would be hard pushed to find a better location in London to base your business. Many of the offices, in fact, are directly above these shops and restaurants, and there are a great number of them.

Working around the Denmark Street area is something your friends and family will be envious of, because of the fact that it has absolutely anything you will ever need and is one of London’s most iconic areas. With Oxford Street just a stone’s throw away, you can browse its shops and dine in its eateries both at lunch and in the evening.

There is both big and small office space to rent on Denmark Street and in the vicinity - whatever the size of your company or the nature of your business, whatever you need you’ll find it round there. Due to the enormity of the surrounding area and the great deal of office buildings, there is always office space on Denmark Street and around there.

Serviced offices on Denmark Street are extremely desirable but at the same time very much available all the time. Because it is a landmark in London, Denmark Street office space would only improve the reputation of your business. When people see your company address is Denmark Street, they will realise they are dealing with a reputable and respectable organisation.