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Fitzrovia office space to rent (and area guide)

Serviced offices in Fitzrovia.There is an abundance of office space in Fitzrovia provided by companies such as Regus and Avanta among others. Most of the top property agencies cater towards buying and renting in this area, but some are more specialised.

If you do your research, you’ll find that some of the most popular serviced office space in Fitzrovia are available on:

Office space to rent in Fitzrovia comes in a range of prices and sizes. If you wish to rent a space on Newman Street, for example, you can expect to pay anywhere between £15-£40,000 per annum (excluding service charges). Charlotte Street offices to rent are largely higher, running at £30,000 + per annum.

New Cavendish Street, located between Tottenham Court Road and Great Titchfield Street, is a street in Fitzrovia and is sometimes referred to as the ‘Noho’ area. This name, however, has become increasingly unpopular since the 2008 Economic Crash. Residents now call the area Fitzroy Place and it has fantastic potential for expanding office space. Fitzroy Place has recently been taken over by Aviva Investors and was granted planning permission for office expansion in 2012. The locale will also see new restaurants and bars opening in conjunction with more office space.

Meeting rooms in Fitzrovia are equally varied. There is a significant amount of space available on Charlotte Street (W1) and these spaces traditionally cater for Media and IT businesses. You can expect to pay £40+ per hour (per room) but many of the conference venues on Charlotte Street come with reception and catering facilities.

For one-off, special events, businesses can also rent office space at the Grange Fitzrovia Hotel. The venue has 3 dedicated meeting rooms and 9 syndicated rooms for hosting conferences. There is also a private outdoor terrace and garden area, catering for 120 people.


Only 40% of buyers in the Fitzrovia area are British, with most investment buyers originating from different parts of Asia. This means that Fitzrovia has a fantastic cultural and ethnic diversity. In addition to this, nearly 50% of buyers are buy-to-let investors and the rest are purchasing their second home.

The prominent architectural style of Fitzrovia is classic Edwardian, with the most popular options consisting of luxurious mansion flats and smaller apartments above shops. In terms of flats, there are some seriously impressive buildings available for rent and purchase between Tottenham Court Road and Gower Street.

If you are looking for something smaller scale, Charlotte Square has several options from the Victorian and Georgian periods. There is a mixture of houses, flats, and even a small number of tiny cottages located on Conville and Middleton Place. Fitzrovia is a well-established and prestigious area, with house prices reflecting this popularity. You can expect to pay roughly £1300 per square foot in this neighbourhood. In addition to this, one and two bedroom flats have been known to sell for £500,000 because of their great demand. Here is a rough pricing guide:

Houses rarely go on the market on Fitzroy Square; in fact, the last property that did sold for £6.75 million in 2012.

The Neighbourhood

Fitzrovia is a fantastic neighbourhood in London, situated between the Borough of Camden and the City of Westminster. More specifically, it can be found between Marylebone and Bloomsbury and is just north of Soho. Fitzrovia has a fascinating past and has historic links to the Advertising, Engineering, and Fashion industries. However, Fitzrovia also caters to a diverse range of businesses including television companies (such as MTV Europe) and even several prominent embassies.

In terms of shopping and things to do, Fitzrovia is advantageously located close-by to Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. This means that there are plenty of places to eat, drink, and socialise beyond office hours. Fitzrovia is, moreover, extremely well-connected in terms of transport. Euston Station is closest to Fitzrovia but the area is also accessible by St. Pancras, Paddington, Marylebone, and Kings Cross train stations. Altogether, this advantage means that Fitzrovia is very popular for businesses and commuters alike.

Fitzrovia has a diverse range of offices at varying sizes, prices, and locales. Although it would be short-sighted to suggest that certain sectors stick to certain areas, there is some merit in this logic. It can be very beneficial for companies, such as advertising agencies, to situate themselves in the historic Charlotte Square near other prominent marketing businesses. However, if you’d rather buck the trend, there are plenty of options. Fitzrovia is a neighbourhood where Arup can base their headquarters seamlessly right next to the embassy of Mozambique.

Fitzrovia is diverse, multi-faceted, and extremely well-connected. Overall, it’s a great place for established and new businesses alike.


Fitzrovia became its namesake during the 18th Century after patronage from British statesman and soldier, Charles Fitzroy (later the 1st Baron of Southampton). The local tavern was named after Fitzroy (The Fitzroy Tavern) and the Baron then purchased the Manor of Tottenhall and constructed Fitzroy Square. The area quickly gained prominence and the Duke of Newcastle established a marketplace named Oxford Market, but it soon became Market Place.

In the 1920’s, Fitzrovia was a notable cultural and artistic centre and attracted many prominent writers and artists. This included George Orwell, Virginia Woolf, and the Nina Hamnet.

However, in recent years, Fitzrovia has seen many changes. In November 2009, Derwent London announced plans to transform parts of Fitzrovia with various new cafes and restaurants. In the following year, moreover, Derwent London combined its partnership with Arup, Make Architects, and British Telecom to create the Fitzrovia Partnership. Following this development, the Partnership has released plans to redevelop the Saatchi and Saatchi building (Charlotte Square) and to increase the density of the area by 50%.

The Fitzrovia Partnership is a testament to Fitzrovia’s continuing economic and social prosperity.


During the Edwardian period, Quaker groups built several mansion blocks in Fitzrovia to house theatre employees and allow them closer access to work. A lot has changed during this time, but Fitzrovia continues to attract new and established businesses alike. Some of the most prominent industries include Fashion and Advertising. These are some of the most prominent sectors located in Fitzrovia and their companies.


At one point, Charlotte Square was the British capital for Advertising. Although it still houses many prominent advertising agencies, it’s now a popular area for fantastic restaurants and bars. Altogether, this has been an added benefit for Fitzrovia. The combination of prestigious advertising agencies with a great social atmosphere has re-vamped the area, both socially and economically. These are some of the biggest marketing businesses which are located on Charlotte Square:

If you are an advertising business, then Fitzrovia is an obvious choice to begin a new chapter in your company. The area is well-established and is world famous for its advertising and marketing excellence.


Fitzrovia is a diverse and dynamic area, but it’s still well-known for its fashion industry. While it now mostly comprises of wholesalers, there are still several small tailor shops which cater towards business attire (such as Russell and Hodge and Paul Kitsaros).

If you are a fashion business looking for space in Fitzrovia, you can expect to share proximity with the following:

Given that Fitzrovia is known for its fashion excellence, the area is an obvious choice for established and aspiring businesses alike.


In recent years, Fitzrovia has attracted a plethora of television and post-production companies. This development is a testament to Fitzrovia’s up and coming status as a media and artistic centre. Some of the companies include:

Fitzrovia borders with Tottenham Court Road and is therefore extremely close to the London-based magazine, Time Out.


Fitzrovia has excellent transport links and is very accessible for commuters and Londoners alike. The nearest railway station is Euston, to the northeast, and Fitzroy is close to Paddington, Marylebone, Kings Cross, and St. Pancras railways.

It also has several tube stations nearby, including:

In terms of infrastructure, Crossrail is investing £1 billion to update Tottenham Road Tube Station and is building a new station to connect the east and west on Oxford Street. This will give Fitzrovia a significant economic boost, especially with regards to tourism.


Fitzrovia has a wonderful educational history and has many prominent institutions which cater towards learning and research. They include the following:

Fitzrovia’s commitment to educational excellence means that the area attracts lots of young people and young professionals. The neighbourhood also caters for these individuals with an influx in restaurants, bars, and other eateries.

Serviced Office Space in Fitzrovia

Fitzrovia is a fantastic location for new and established businesses who wish to work in the centre of London. The district has been traditionally associated with Advertising, Fashion, and Business, but Fitzrovia is incredibly flexible. The inclusion of new companies, such as Nickelodeon and CNN, prove that Fitzrovia continues to thrive as a centre for world-class Media and Television.

The exceptional transport links of Fitzrovia mean that it’s a great location for both commuters and Londoners. There are several tube station stops nearby and Euston Train Station is also incredibly close. The renovation of Tottenham Court Road Station, by National Rail, proves that the area continues to thrive both economically and socially. This investment will be incredibly profitable to Fitzrovia itself, especially if it brings in more tourists to the area. Even more so, this will benefit future businesses in Fitzrovia because there will be further investment to improve and expand local office space.

If you are looking for office space in Fitzrovia, then there are a number of options available to you. Some areas, such as Charlotte Square, have been traditionally associated with the advertising sector but the area proves to be popular amongst other businesses too. Fitzrovia office space is also available at a range of prices and sizes. It pays to do your research and find a property which suits your individual business needs.

In addition to this, there is also many options for serviced office space in Fitzrovia. For example, there are many offices space to rent on Charlotte Square. They are all highly priced but they do come with a range of reception and catering options. This is a great alternative for businesses who might be moving premises or need short-term solutions to their expanding office size.

Furthermore, there are meeting rooms in Fitzrovia which can be hired for special, one-day events. The Grange Fitzrovia Hotel will make a great impression on clients and can serve up to 120 people. Although this is by no means the only option, it is certainly one of the most popular venues for hired meeting rooms in Fitzrovia.

Overall, Fitzroy Place is the perfect example of Fitzrovia’s commitment to attracting new businesses and renovating their current office space. The Fitzrovia Partnership has invested over £1 billion to create a space which caters specifically towards new companies and their facilities. Not only this, but the investment will also bring an increase of restaurants and bars into the area. This is doubly advantageous. On the one hand, employees will have access to these facilities during their lunch breaks and after-work hours. On the other hand, moreover, these additions will ensure that Fitzrovia’s local economy will continue to thrive.