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Office space to rent in Holborn and area guide

An office space guide of Holborn.There is a variety of office space in Holborn which caters towards different sizes of businesses and different budgets. Depending on your sector and business needs, there will be different areas of Holborn and Holborn office space which will suit you. Although there are many streets within Holborn with offices to rent, there are three areas which are particularly popular. There is a mixture of meeting rooms in Holborn and conference venues in Holborn which cater to a variety of needs. Most prominently there are serviced offices in Hatton Garden, Hatton Square, and High Holborn.

Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden is a street famous for its jewellery and media/publishing businesses. In terms of publishing, Hatton Garden is home to many distinctive household brands. They include:

Hatton Garden office space is advantageous because it’s so well renowned. You can expect to pay anywhere between £300-£900 per month for serviced offices in Hatton Garden. However, while it’s great for businesses, it remains as an expensive area to rent office space in Holborn. The average price for a two bedroom flat is around £900 per week and the price is likely to rise.

Hatton Square

Hatton Square is a district of Holborn which is known for its Business Centre. Located in Baldwin Gardens, the property already includes Dogwoof Pictures, Bates Zambelli Architects, and London Rocks Jewellery.

Hatton Square is also known as the legal district and has been traditionally associated with law firms. The area has very good transport links, including the nearby Underground station and various bus stops.

Prices for offices in Hatton Square vary. Depending on the size of the property, you can expect to pay anywhere between £900 - £3000 p/m.

High Holborn

High Holborn is the main street in Holborn in terms of business, shopping, and eating. There are a variety of office spaces available on High Holborn and it is very well-connected. Located just next to Chancery Lane Tube Station, the business centre is very modern and only 10 minutes away from Farringdon mainline.

As London continues to expand and the West End takes centre stage for business, Holborn has changed significantly since the days of Charles Dickens. In fact, Holborn has become a hub for great shopping and fashionable living, and continues to attract businessmen (and women). In terms of business, moreover, Holborn is London’s historic legal district and is home to the Royal Courts of Justice. Moreover, Holborn Circus is incredibly close to the Old Bailey. In addition to this, Holborn is also notable for its various publishing businesses (such as Morris Visitor, Thames & Hudson, and Kingfisher).

More generally, however, Holborn is known for its Business Improvement District which works to improve the well-being of corporations in the area. It does this by encouraging paper recycling and joint procurement; a very attractive incentive for businesses that wish to move to Holborn.

Furthermore, the London School of Economics and the Royal College of Surgeons are also based in Holborn. This means that there are plenty of pubs, bars, and places to grab a coffee in the area.

If you are thinking of moving to Holborn, then the district is particularly advantageous for those who work in the legal and publishing sectors. Don’t let that put you off, however, if you aren’t in these professions. Warner Bros has recently opened in Holborn too. This is because the area has fantastic transport links, like most of the West End, and has lots to keep you occupied beyond office hours.

Holborn, in fact, suffers from being neither one thing nor the other. It is too far east for the fashionable world to come to it for their purchases; it is too far west for the businessmen of the City... (Charles Dickens Jr., 1879).

Holborn Offices

There are lots of streets in Holborn which have a variety of office spaces available.

Depending on your sector and business needs, there will be different areas of Holborn which will suit you.


Holborn is a fantastic location which suits a variety of businesses. It’s extremely well-connected, situated between Camden and Westminster, and has multiple train, bus, and underground links.

One of the reasons that Holborn is so popular is because of its underground connection. Holborn Station is incredibly well-connected; a feature which is very popular amongst commuters. Some of the main stations nearby include: Chancery Lane, Covent Garden, and St. Paul’s. The Holborn Underground is so well situated that travellers can reach Waterloo and Canary Wharf in just over 20 and 28 minutes respectively.



Hatton Place and Saffron Hill, located in Holborn,  have become home to various luxury apartments for people who work in the nearby area. The average price for a property in this area is over £1,000,000. Furthermore, the average rent fee is £2,145 per calendar month. Nearly 92% of properties in Holborn consist of flats and and 75% of these are rented.

However, the vast majority of people who work in Holborn commute to the district. This is why the transport links are particularly good.


There are so many hotels available in Holborn that you really are spoilt for choice. They range from 5* hotels, such as the Rosewood, to the typical chains you would expect, such as Premiere Inn. Here is an brief example of Holborn’s most popular hotels:



Holborn’s location and local amenities make it great for nightlife. Given that Holborn is home to LSE and RCS, there are plenty of pubs and bars for young people. Some popular choices include The Kings Arms (WC1N 2JF), Bar Polski (WC1V 7DX), and Cella London (WC2A 1DL). Bar Polski is a great for vodka, boasting over 50 varieties to go together with their tasty Polish cuisine.

In addition to this, Guanbara (WC2B 5PW) is an exciting Brazilian-themed bar with plenty of music and an extensive food menu. They are also known for their live screen TV for watching sports and relaxing with friends.



If you’re working in Holborn, then you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to lunch. Whether you choose to wine and dine or grab a sandwich, there is an abundance of options.

Orchard (WC1A) is a great option for vegetarian lunches and serves a variety of breakfasts, lunches, and hot soups. A truly beautiful and relaxed venue.

Hush Brasserie (WC1V) is a friendly and inexpensive venue for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea. It is located behind Mayfair and is a popular spot for business lunches.

However, for those who like something extra special for lunch, then you’re in for a treat. The Bull Steak Expert serves an abundance of Argentinean cuisine and has been in business for over five decades. They are known for their cosy atmosphere and quality service.


Holborn offers a great variety of restaurants to cater for all tastes and moods. Whether you love new and independent restaurants, or food chains, there really is something for everyone.

Shanghai Blues (WC1V 7BD) is a popular venue for steamed dumplings, gorgeous cocktails, and a low-lit, Jazz-inspired atmosphere.

Asdal (WC1V 7DA) is a Korean BBQ restaurant which is also a local favourite. Serving a mix of classic Korean cuisine with a contemporary twist, Asdal is a relaxed and stylish environment for young professionals. They are especially known for their tasty kimchi.


Holborn has a wonderful and fascinating history in the centre of London. Although there’s certainly not enough time to mention everything, here are some of the must-see sites:

The Old Curiosity Shop

This fantastic shop dates back to 1567 and has three floors (although you can only see one from the ground floor). The reason it’s so famous is because The Old Curiosity Shop was immortalised by Charles Dickens in his name-sake novel. Although this is not the original building which inspired Dickens, it was built within 30 years of Dickens’ publication. Ever since it has been a popular tourist attraction and sells a mixture of antique and modern art.

The Seven Stars Pub

The Seven Stars Pub is particularly popular amongst the legal profession; especially given its location adjacent from the Royal Courts of Justice. The pub takes its name from the 17th Century Dutch sailors who historically lived in the area. The ‘Seven Stars’ represent the seven different provinces of the Netherlands.

Staple Inn

Staple Inn (1558) was one of the nine inns of the Chancery and was built to house law students. Although it has changed somewhat since the Victorian period, Staple Inn is now a fantastic area for shopping and grabbing a bite to eat. Staple Inn Courtyard, furthermore, is a wonderfully secluded spot in the midst of the city.

Things To Do

Hunterian Museum

The Hunterian Museum is located within the Royal College of Surgeons and has a variety of temporary and permanent exhibitions. The collection represents over 400 years of amassing objects by various medical enthusiasts, including John Hunter. The Museum has a mix of anatomical, pathological, and dental specimens from around the world. It also has many paintings and sculptures. The Museum has traditionally served as a teaching facility to medical students.

Temple Church

Temple Church is located within the Inner Temple of the Inns of Court and was the actual home of the Knights Templar in 1185. Temple Church was then rebuilt in the 13th Century by Henry III and became his family crypt. However, Temple Church is still widely used today for Anglican services and is known for its excellent choir.

As a consequence of its history, Temple Church is one of London’s oldest churches and has deep cultural significance for the city.


The overall atmosphere of Holborn is youthful, exciting, and very business minded. With LSE located nearby, you can guarantee that Holborn will always have a buzz about it. Furthermore, the historical sites of Holborn continue to be popular amongst tourists and the local economy of the district is thriving.

The abundance of shops, restaurants, and attractions mean that there is always something to do in Holborn. It’s an area of London with a fantastic mix of old and new; especially near the Royal Courts of Justice.

With an influx of offices in Holborn, there are lots of commuters and young professionals who are drawn into the area. This has attracted many businesses which cater to young people; such as trendy bars and fashionable retail stores. The prevalence of media and publishing businesses in Holborn, moreover, is a testament to its thriving economy.

Holborn and Business

Holborn is advantageously situated between Westminster and the West End, making it a perfect location for businesses and commuters alike. The transport links are excellent and locals benefit from an efficient underground, train, and bus service. Overall, Holborn is a great choice for new businesses which want to situate themselves amongst older, more established business districts. The area has always attracted new businesses and continues to thrive.

As the economic climate continues to improve, Holborn has seen a boom in business and housing prices. It’s an obvious choice for companies because of its great shops and quality restaurants. However, Holborn has always been a historic business centre; especially for the legal, business, and jewellery sectors. Even as companies have moved to Fleet Street in the past, Holborn has continued as a centre for business excellence and continues to attract new companies.

Holborn office space offers a fantastic choice in terms of space and prices. Depending on your sector, however, your business might be suited better to specific areas. Hatton Square has become increasingly popular amongst new businesses, especially in the new Business Centre development. However, if you are in publishing or media, you may want to consider serviced offices in High Holborn. This is a popular area and it will always be accessible by transport.

If you are interested in prices, moreover, it pays to do your research. There is a wide range of office space to rent in Hatton Square and an equally wide price range. Furthermore, Holborn offices to rent are being continually renovated and more premises are being converted into offices than ever before. Lots of shops and eateries have responded accordingly to this influx and Holborn continues to thrive. This is one of the great attractions for businesses to move into Holborn.

A lot has changed since the days of Charles Dickens. It’s difficult to imagine a Holburn which doesn’t attract a wide variety of shops and lots thriving businesses. There continues to be an abundance of office space in Holborn and meetings rooms in the area, you just need to do your homework. You even have to option of hiring conference venues in Holborn. For these reasons, Holborn is a sensible financial investment for you and your business.