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Serviced offices in Knightsbridge.Knightsbridge is one of the most popular retail districts in central London. It’s seen as being one of the two international centres which is situated alongside the West End. It’s also one of the most unchanged areas of London, creating a traditional and homely feel. Numerous serviced office spaces and meeting rooms in Knightsbridge are simply a short walk away from popular tourist attractions. With some of the most famous stores being here, many people with lots of money regularly frequent Knightsbridge. This makes some of the office space to rent in Knightsbridge very attractive to up-market businesses.

A unique business opportunity that Knightsbridge offers is the ability to hire out a meeting room. These can be hired by the day, hour or half day. With options like formal boardrooms, imposing conference rooms, private vault rooms or a more relaxed lounge area, any form of meeting can easily be adapted to. Elegant function rooms can be provided for meetings, dinner, evening receptions or team lunches. Most places have a resident chef and catering team that will cater to any of these events.

Hiring out a specific room means that if you are not based in London, you can organise a meeting with any businesses that you deal with that are situated in this area. Most places give you access to food and drink facilities, showing just how professional you are. It helps to show that you are willing to go the extra mile to work with someone who is.

If you are looking to set up a new business venture a virtual office could be the perfect option for you. Owning a virtual business helps you to own a business for an affordable price, all the while maintaining a professional image. Virtual businesses allow you to not have to actually be in the building to complete the work you need to do. You still have an exclusive London address and a building you have access to for formal and informal meetings.

Knightsbridge offers something truly unique for office rental in central London. A lot of the office space on offer is situated in beautiful, historic buildings. They have all been refurbished to the highest standard possible. These buildings usually have large windows that allow you to get a beautiful view over the whole landscape of London.

A lot of the office space in Knightsbridge is situated adjacent to one of the most famous landmarks in London: Hyde park. The office spaces are within walking distance of high end shops such as Harrods and Harvey Nichols. Numerous exclusive shops, bars and restaurants are never far away. These high end places raise the class of the area. This will ensure that you attain clients you can trust.

Knightsbridge is considered a centre for international business. Because of Knightsbridge being situated in the centre of London, there are numerous bus and underground connections you can rely on. If a car is your preferred mode of transport then there are plenty of parking facilities nearby that you can rely on.


Knightsbridge is East of Exhibition Road, which attracts tourists to the multiple museums, and numerous academic establishments that can be found there. To the West is Sloane Street, Brompton road and Beauchamp place. These places are filled with different kinds of hotels, restaurants and shopping establishments. They attract a wide range of tourists from different places that may be interested in what your business has to offer.

Knightsbridge is often spoken of as the business centre in London. Many of the offices that can be found are serviced so that the interior is beautiful and modern. Some buildings offer complete business packages, helping to convey your professionalism. Fully staffed reception facilities and the potential use of a reception cafe allow you to handle any sort of situation you may receive.

Hyde Park creates a buffer between Knightsbridge’s urban and natural feel. This allows people that work for a company to have a place to go and relax. It’s a popular location for people to spend lunch breaks, as the numerous benches, tables and grassy plains allow for adequate space. Duke of York Square is a similarly ideal place for both relaxation and business functions. There is a no traffic rule there, making it an oasis away from the hustle and bustle London normally offers. Numerous shops, boutiques and hair salons provide a chic shopping experience that other places may not have. It provides a place to take your mind off the stresses of work and indulge in quality products the square has to offer.


There are numerous expensive stores that are located within Knightsbridge:

Knightsbridge has some of the world’s richest people living there. Some of the world’s most expensive apartments are sold here. In February of 2009 an apartment was born for the price of £100,000,000. Fourteen of Britain’s two hundred most expensive streets are situated in this district.

The principal landowners in the area are the Duke of Westminster, Earl Carogan and wellcome Trust. This makes Knightsbridge one the ideal places to put an up market business.


Knightsbridge is possibly one of the most accessible places there is in London. The road running alongside of Hyde Park spans through and around Knightsbridge, Making it accessible for car transportation throughout London. Cars in Knightsbridge are outside of the congestion charge zone, making it an ideal place to situate a business. There are 75 car parks to choose from, and season tickets which allow you to park along certain streets. Most car parking spots have at least two electrical charging points. You usually have to pay an annual fee to be able to charge your vehicle at one of these spots.

With over 231 Barclays bikes available for hire in over eight locations, any staff members that prefer a physical mode of transport are more than taken care of. Prices can range from £2 for a whole day, or £10 for a whole week. If you use the bike for less than 30 minutes then the service is completely free.

Knightsbridge tube station serves as the local tube station for this area. It runs alongside the Piccadilly Line, allowing people that want to see the sights there are to offer an easy mode of transportation. The Piccadilly Line does at least 210 million journeys in a single year. If you are interested in having your business run in one of the busiest places in London then Knightsbridge should be one of your number one choices.


Almost all of the office spaces have the benefit of stunning views over the great urban landscape. You can enjoy the benefits of being a few minutes away from nature at any time. Up market coffee shops like Patisserie Valerie allow personal business meetings there. If you need something more substantial than a cafe, the Italian restaurant Manicomio serves some of the finest food London has on offer. A lot of these restaurants cater to business meals. They have special rooms that are away from the main areas of the restaurant, allowing any discussions and deals to be made in private.

If you are looking for somewhere with a bit more culture, the Saatchi Gallery should be something to be interested in. The gallery allows artists from all around the world to put up different art pieces. In a year, the gallery attracts 1,190,062 people, making it a popular location for tourists to visit in London. A lot of people that are into high-brow material will be visiting this area on a regular basis. If you have a business that is specialised then this is the ideal place to look into going.

The Royal Court Theatre is one of the most innovative theatres in the whole of Britain. The Royal Court provides some of the most extraordinary and unique theatre pieces you will ever see. The theatre has toured all around the world. Places such as New York, Sydney, Brussels, Toronto and Dublin have had the honour of multiple productions. The Royal Court Theatre has settled in London, and it plans to stay here for quite some time.

The Egerton Hotel is hidden away in a quiet street in Knightsbridge. It overlooks beautiful leafy gardens, and the boutique offers tranquillity and peace in abundance. One of the major benefits is that most of Knightsbridge’s most popular attractions are right on the doorstep. With over 20 awards from various companies, you can be sure that you will be satisfied with your stay.

The Egerton Hotel also has a function room that can hold up to 20 people. This can make for a perfect room to hold any type of meetings that your business may require. WIth an abundance of wine and food to choose from, you can be prepared for any situation.


Numerous events happen throughout the year which attract a number of different tourists: