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Looking for office space in Mayfair?

Mayfair office space guide.It's likely that as a company looking to rent office space, you have already figured out the type of business setting you wish you settle into. Whether this is the case or not, as a thriving business or one that is just getting started, you will definitely find Mayfair office space to be very beneficial for your status and identity.

Mayfair has a mainly commercial reputation due to its active atmosphere and the prevalence of shopping centres, offices and immense companies.

This district has the full package in terms of exclusive facilities and residentials, as it is home to the most famous hotels and restaurants that are recognised as granting prime customer service for those that visit.

Serviced office space in Mayfair has always been of a high demand and still remains to attract the attention of many businesses wishing to upgrade or transform the name of their business.

Renting office space in Mayfair will increasingly improve your business and gain you a prestige and exclusive status.

The office space available to rent comes at a great variety. Mayfair fulfils the requirements of those that wish to rent industrial office spaces in the Central Park. Most of these office spaces use up to date green technology that is sure to benefit those with a desire to stay eco-friendly.

For businesses that like to rent open space offices, there are many available that are serviced with meeting rooms, kitchen facilities and main director offices.

You can also opt for office space that includes serviced gyms that can be adapted and filled with your choice of equipment, this is a perfect choice for businesses with a desire to keep fit or enjoy having that leisure as part of their business.

Due to the exclusive nature of Mayfair, all offices can be rented with advanced technology and additional rooms for relaxing, keeping fit or dining.

All office space in Mayfair come with a quality security system to ensure that your office space will be safe and secure at all times.

Business Status and Occupation in Mayfair

The area of Mayfair is bounded in the city of Westminster from the east edge of Hyde Park and the west of the main road of Westminster, Park Lane.

It’s popularity is debatebly popular because of its central location based in the city of Westminster, as Westminster is the most well-known area of London to tourists and the general public in other cities and countries.

The process of Mayfair becoming the area it is today for high-end businesses and exclusive residentials first began during the time period between the 17th and 18th century. Fortunately, it became an attraction to landlords and prestigious people such as past Dukes of Westminster.

These residents began to develop a luxury fashion district around the area in which they lived in, contributing to the present day of remaining exclusive businesses and current shopping centres.

More businesses came around during the second world war, where bomb scares and damages in other cities forced local businesses and headquarters to re-locate to Mayfair, meaning that it became the number one place for businesses to rent serviced offices.

To this day, Mayfair is home to some of the most powerful people in the business world, including CEOs and directors of worldwide companies.

Up until 2007, Mayfair brought a lot of business in because of the convenient location of Cadburys head office in Berkeley Square. The company inspired other headquarters to re-locate, understanding the high status they possessed by living in that area.

A lot of the economy in Mayfair comes from the variety in high-end business sectors that choose to rent office space here including law firms, accountancy agents, estate agents and fashion industries.

The majority of Mayfair consists of the Grosvenor estate however the other estates that base in Mayfair are Berkeley, Burlington, Albemarle and Curzon.

Each area covers a number of different recogniseable streets, all of which combine businesses and residentials of different types, some can be distinctive for being home to a certain sector of business.

Grosvenor Square

Grosvenor gets its name from the family of Dukes that have lived in Westminster and earned a very important impression, giving them the power and wealth to develop many areas and hotspots in Mayfair. As the second largest square in London, it takes the title of one of the most fashionable areas in London and therefore can be looked at as a capital for fashion brands and luxury garments and jewellery. The luxury of this square means that more people are willing to let office spaces here that are fully serviced to a very high standard.

Business in Grosvenor Square

Grosvenor Square presents a lot of notable buildings that have tenants renting office space from multicultural backgrounds. Because of this, the square brings business from all around the world, causing this to be a very desirable place to rent office space.

The Embassy of Italy has been present to this square since 1931 and has maintained buildings around other areas of Mayfair and West End London.

The other Embassies that base their headquarters in Grosvenor Square are those of Indonesia, placed close by to the Embassy of the US. The US Embassy is a huge thing for Mayfair to be proud of, the square has formerly been known as ‘Little America’ because of the impact the Embassy had and still does have on London.

Many of the area’s estate agents own businesses around the square, with over 10 to choose from, Grosvenor Square is the place to go to in West End London for reliable and well delivered service. Many other estate agents enjoy the competition, encouraging them to rent office space in the same area.

Business Facilities

The main meeting rooms and conference rooms of this area are situated at the London Marriott Hotel, this is one of the biggest and most visited hotel in the whole of the West End, therefore as a business looking to rent office space, you should consider the facilities available at this hotel and how much convenience it will bring to you and your work life.

The conference venue and meeting rooms at this hotel can fit up to 500 people inside and accommodate to all business requirements for any meetings or conferences you would like to hold.

As this is a five star luxury hotel, you may want to think about staying here when you plan to look around vacant office spaces, as this will give you a clear taste for the extravagance that Mayfair takes pride for.

This hotel will also be useful for when you have clients or business partners visiting, as they will also thoroughly enjoy staying in the environment that the hotel supplies.

The Cultural Area of Grosvenor Square

Being such an exclusive area, the buildings are all of a similar structure which makes this square valuable in its distinctive layout. As expected, the buildings and office space barrier a beautiful patch of grass that employees can enjoy on their lunch breaks.

Top restaurants in this area are of a rich expense but a magnificent quality. One of the favourites for those that visit the area is Gordon Ramsay's famous Maze restaurant, the cuisine combines taste from both Asia and France and is a fantastic experience for lovers of sushi.

Grosvenor Square is very business and residential orientated, however there are plenty of sources of entertainment and culture that you will find close by to your office space. Marylebone is within a very short walking distance from Grosvenor Square, this is the heart of shopping centres and working closeby means you can visit the biggest and finest brands without going out of your way.

Marylebone is home to the biggest Selfridges store in the UK,  as well as incredible jewellery stores and designer boutiques from France and Italy.

Berkeley Square

In the mid 18th century, Berkeley Square was designed and built in light of the the Gloucester family who lived in the Berkeley house.

Initially, it was built to supply residences for those who were well respected and of a high position of power.

In modern day and age, the residences that were laid there have now either been replaced to have an office space interior, or completely re-built to accommodate businesses and a huge variety of retail shops.

Office space here is of a high demand, just like the rest of the West End. However, companies invest in office space here due to the diversity in other business sectors and other forms of entertainment that they can enjoy in their spare time.

Business Types in Berkeley Square

Business in Berkeley Square is unique to other districts in that the main focal point for business is commercial and experimental marketing.

For this reason, the atmosphere of this area lives up to a vibrant and busy vibe with a touch of relaxation and fun due to the spherical wide area of grass, people tend to make use of this on summer days to enjoy their lunch and break times.

Berkeley Square is one of the most popular destinations in West End London on weekends, as the grassy area is very well maintained and the great space leaves a lot of room for the general public to spend time there.

Surrounding the park are numerous showrooms, particularly for cars and antiques. The car showrooms include the likes of Bentley and Porsche companies, withholding a constant competition and distributing a very business focussed atmosphere.  

Businesses find this competition admirable and for this reason, invest in serviced office spaces that surround the area.

Office Space and Facilities

Many of the office spaces are designed in this area to take full advantage of natural light, therefore you will discover that the offices available will have a lot of windows and some are even made of glass exteriors, giving the area a very contemporary touch.

You will find unbranded offices that designers will be more than willing to adapt and customize to your distinctive taste, however, any serviced offices here tend to be modern and brightly decorated.

The meeting rooms that are available are regularly hired by the city’s most prestigious company directors and headquarters. This is because the main facilities are big and spacial and developed with all the latest technology.

The meeting room that is mostly used in Berkeley offers a full service for those that rent it out, supplying refreshments and guided tours as well as administrative support for all that require it.

Things to do throughout Mayfair

Once renting serviced office space, you are most likely going to want to find out what things you can do in the area.

It is very well known of Mayfair to contain many of the world’s biggest designer stores that are created to give off a vibe of absolute luxury.

As a person who likes to shop, you will find a lot of satisfaction in the stores that take over Dover Street Market and New Bond Street.

Some of the shops that stand there include, Louboutin, the Louis Vuitton mansion, Mulberry and Marc by Marc Jacobs. All of these stores are not only for selling fantastic goods, but also built and designed as fabulous tourist attractions.

After a busy day at work, you can wind down in one of Mayfair’s fabulous and indulgent spas or salons.

The best and most visited include Elemis Day Spa for both genders, Spa Illuminata and May Fair Spa. Reviews show that these Spas give amazing treatments that aren’t to be missed.

Transport in Mayfair

It is a convenient and vital part of looking into renting office space to consider the ease of travel to and from the office.

Many of the streets in Mayfair have their own car parks that can be used for those that work in the area, there are also nearby tube stops that can be reached through a very short walk.

These nearby tube stations and stops include those on Bond Street, Marble Arch, Green Park and Hyde Park Corner.  The choice of four stops means that you can go to and from the stop that is nearest to your office space, making transport very convenient in Mayfair.

There are five bus routes that pass through and around Mayfair too, giving you a mix of options for how you wish to travel.

For international visits, Heathrow airport can be accessed through the tube systems closeby and taxi services, meaning your business has access to international business and travel.

This district continues to grow at a fast pace for business, and the office space in Mayfair continues to impress and attract businesses from all over the world.

As someone looking to rent office space in Mayfair, you should definitely consider the opportunities available here and how you can be advanced as a company with the technologies and open spaces that you can use to your advantage.