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Office space near to the Seven Dials roundabout

Office space advice for Seven Dials.Given the fact that Seven Dials was designed by one of the most influential and entrepreneurial minds of the late 17th century, it would only make sense that the area has over the centuries come to be a highly desirable area for businesses to base themselves. London itself is a great place for any business to flourish, but an office space in Seven Dials would add that little bit extra to your image - it’s an area which is considered prestigious and exclusive. There is plenty of office space to rent in Seven Dials and the surrounding area, and a move there could be magic for your business. The area boasts a great variety of serviced offices which are available to rent.

Seven Dials has a sort of village feel to it, and is in fact the only one in the Covent Garden area. For this reason, one could strongly argue that Seven Dials is the centre of Covent Garden - where most of the exciting things happen. Given the modern climate of the business world, in which many companies are taking a more relaxed approach to the working environment in order to maximise the comfort of their employees, Seven Dials would be a wonderful place to work. If your company is based in serviced offices in Seven Dials, your employees will be proud to tell people that every day they get up to go to work there - who wouldn’t want to be able to tell people that they work in one of the most desirable parts of central London?

There are a great deal of fantastic restaurants, cafes, coffeehouses and delis around Seven Dials, which can be extremely important to workers in London: everyone likes a good lunch spot on their doorstep. Not only that, but there are some lovely bars which would make a great setting for a civilised post-work drink - Seven Dials perfectly blends cosmopolitan and village life, creating a distinctively warm atmosphere. It is an area of character and of culture - like all the best areas in central London, Seven Dials is a melting pot of all different styles and influences, which is why it has such a great variety of eateries and independent shops. Everything Seven Dials has to offer is unique and exclusive - even within Covent Garden itself.

About Seven Dials

About the Seven Dials area.Though Seven Dials itself is only a rather small area, it is one of London’s most well-known spots. It is situated in the heart of Covent Garden and is so-named because it is a road junction which acts as the point of convergence for seven roads. Over the years, though, the term ‘Seven Dials’ has come to describe the surrounding area as opposed to just the point where the seven roads meet.

Though the area was built with seven roads meeting in the end, the original plan was six roads - and the pillar in the middle of the point where the roads meet reflects this, bearing only six faces as opposed to seven! This is down to the fact that the pillar was made before the road plan was changed from six to seven at the last minute of its design stage. Though this imperfection would likely annoy some of the more pernickety types, the locals and many of the visitors believe this is a rather fascinating feature and is a great piece of trivia.

Seven Dials was designed by Thomas Neale, a politician, entrepreneur and project manager of sorts who also had a penchant for the odd bet; he was one of the most instrumental figures in the late Stuart period, and also worked in America for almost a decade, trying to establish a postal service - which he did in 1691. As well as designing the Seven Dials area he was also heavily involved in the development of such places as Shadwell in East London (which contained a mill and waterworks), Tunbridge Wells in Kent, and he was also involved in mining, steel, drainage and the manufacture of paper. So it is probably safe to say Neale was a man who had numerous fingers in numerous pies. It only makes sense that an area like Seven Dials was designed by such a one-off sort of chap - there’s nowhere else like it in London.

The reason the design was changed from six to seven roads was simply so that space could be maximised and the area could house more buildings, which is totally understandable - perhaps now more than ever!

Great places to eat and drink in Seven Dials

Places to eat in Seven Dials.Situated on Shaftesbury Avenue, the Ape and Bird is a fantastic Victorian pub which spans three floors and has been done up to bring it into the 21st century and provide both locals and visitors with a great experience. It serves all the usual drinks you’d expect from any good pub, as well as a range of craft beers and cocktails. It’s a perfect lunch and dinner spot too as its menu is comprised of classic pub dishes and there’s even a brunch menu. If you’re not particularly peckish but wouldn’t mind a nibble, they stock all the bar snacks you’d expect such a huge pub to, so there’s something for everyone at the Ape and Bird.

For those looking for a lighter lunch, Baked Spud is a wonderful little spot to grab some quick, healthy, wholesome food. You can probably imagine what their main dish is, but you can pick from a variety of toppings and for those who’d rather have a good sandwich, the Baked Spud offers those too.

For something different, Belgo Centraal is the ideal location for a memorable meal and a good drink. It’s a highly original Belgian establishment, situated on Earlham Street, which serves a good range of delicious food - including fresh seafood - and more craft beers than you can shake a stick at. It’s not too expensive either, so it’d be a good place for either lunch or dinner, and even a good place for an informal business meeting.

For coffee lovers and the caffeine-dependant, Earlham Street also houses a Caffe Nero - which is of course one of Britain’s favourite coffee outlets. Serving a range of drinks - from freshly ground coffee, to sharp espressos and creamy lattes - Nero is the perfect place to grab a quick pick-me-up (or a long one!) at any time of day. The coffeehouse seems to be one of the most popular places for business meetings because of the inherent cosmopolitan atmosphere, and would be the perfect place to do lunch as well, with a good variety of cold sandwiches and hot paninis on offer.

Though quintessentially British, it must be said that London has American eateries impressively down to a tee, and Seven Dials is home to one of the very best in the city. The Diner serves all the American classics and can fill the spot at any time of day. An impressively big breakfast menu boasts such staples as french toast and blueberry pancakes, whilst their burgers and hot dogs are a delight which will keep you coming back. Most dishes are comfortably under £10 too, so you’ll go back to the office feeling a fair bit heavier in the stomach and only a touch lighter in the wallet!

Seven Dials Theatre

Shaftesbury Avenue is one of the West End’s most prominent theatre streets, and it is right next to Seven Dials, making it the ideal location for those who are partial to the odd show after work! The Palace Theatre was bought by musical theatre mammoth Andrew Lloyd Webber in 1983, and is one of the most prestigious theatres in the entire world. It’s been open since 1891 and has hosted a great many legends and legendary shows - the Marx Brothers performed their Broadway shows there in the early 1920s, The Sound of Music was performed there over 2,000 times, and Les Miserables was run at the venue for just short of two decades. Also on Shaftesbury Avenue are the Apollo, Gielgud, Lyric and Queen’s theatres, and believe it or not, the Shaftesbury Theatre too! Shaftesbury Avenue is widely regarded as the hub of West End theatre, and also houses the enormous Odeon Covent Garden Cinema, which was the Saville Theatre until 1970. Other cinemas on Shaftesbury Avenue include a Cineworld multiplex and a Curzon cinema, so not only would Seven Dials be great for those who’d enjoy a nice show after work, but is a great place for the film enthusiast too!

Some more historical trivia about Seven Dials

The big sundial at the heart of Seven Dials is actually a replica of the original, which was made in the late 1980s. It’s rather a nice touch that they kept the new one to six sides as opposed to taking the opportunity to make it seven, which is more accurate, but what would be the fun in that?

One of the sketches in Charles Dickens’s Sketches by Boz was titled ‘Seven Dials’ and set there too, as is perhaps quite evident from the title. In it, he wrote:

"The stranger who finds himself in the Dials for the first time...at the entrance of Seven obscure passages, uncertain which to take, will see enough around him to keep his curiosity awake for no inconsiderable time..."

Though one could definitely say this about Seven Dials today - with its numerous shops, bars, restaurants and lovely architecture - Dickens meant it in another way: at the time he wrote it, the Seven Dials area had taken a turn for the worse and become impoverished and dilapidated. Neale’s dreamlike vision had turned into a nightmare by the late-1830s, and was now infamous for its seedy shops and rough public houses; there was no money anywhere in Seven Dials except in the cash registers of those pubs.

In the great many years since Dickens wrote the ‘Seven Dials’ sketch, the area has of course returned to its former glory. Now known for its independent shops and civilised sense of community, it is a far-cry from its Dickensian state, and is one of the most desirable areas in the whole city.

Rent office space in Seven Dials

There is lots of office space to rent in Seven Dials, as it is the hub of Covent Garden - one of London’s most important and influential areas. It’s a great place to work because it’s as close as a village as you will get in the middle of London, and in that sense is a tranquil and civilised area - a great place to work. Businesses based in Seven Dials can get their heads down and get on with their work, without the sort of stress and chaos of other, busier parts of London. That is not to say that Seven Dials is a ghost town - that’s not the case by any means - but it is much quieter and a more peaceful area of the city.

The location of an office is just as important as the office itself - you can have the nicest office interior in the world, but if it’s not situated in the right place then all that decor goes to waste. A rented office space in Seven Dials will make your employees get up every morning with confidence and a spring in their step, knowing they’re going to work in one of the nicest parts of London. An office in Seven Dials is an office to be proud of, and one which will have superb effects on the success of your business.

With its rich history and its modern status as a highly cosmopolitan paradise with a village-like vibe, Seven Dials is not only a good place to live in London but is also one of the best areas to rent office space. Whether you need a serviced office space which has meeting rooms or somewhere that would make a perfect conference venue, Seven Dials has it.