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Something for everyone

Soho office spaces.The office space in Soho is home to many creative and television companies; you will find fantastic serviced offices space in Soho which benefits from being amongst clusters of unique boutique outlets. There are many reasonably priced conference venues in Soho and a mixture of larger and smaller companies in this relatively small Westminster District. The area is located near Piccadilly Circus and Regent Street, there are many independent outlets scattered amongst Soho’s serviced offices - the introduction of the high speed ‘Sohonet’ has really increased the influx of production companies in the area, and despite the large number, there are still lots of available office space to rent in Soho.

Businesses of any type will absolutely love the neighborhood - you and your employees will thrive off the entertainment, theatre scene and wealth of special dining options. There really is something for everyone in Soho!

The neighborhood has long been established as a hotbed for entertainment, and the area covers roughly one square mile of London’s West End. Soho is bordered by the famous Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus and the upmarket Mayfair. In this central London district you won’t struggle to find interesting and exotic food from across the globe - you’ll be bowled over by the live entertainment and thumping nightlife on offer - Soho is a desirable place for businesses to trade out of for a variety of reasons.

It’s easy to explore Soho on foot due to its relatively small size, there are cinemas, bars and a wealth of shops on streets like Carnaby Street and Berwick Street, which are both lined with an array of interesting boutiques. There are also many flagship department stores in the vicinity, such as Liberty’s and Hamley - some of the best shopping in London can be done in Soho. You will find nearly everything you need in the 2.6 square kilometers the area covers!

A hive of activity

Soho is conveniently placed, with the interesting neighborhoods which it borders and the excellent transport links making it a fantastic choice for office space, initially the locale was made famous for its jazz clubs and adult entertainment businesses (which have almost died out) - providing an alternative destination for many young ‘hipsters’ during its heyday in the 1960s. Nowadays, Soho has changed and has undergone a huge modernisation, it’s a great location for businesses to set up shop - it’s the centre of the independent film and video industry in the United Kingdom whilst also being the home to many media and post-production studios.

It could be said that Soho is one of the most creative square miles in the world, 23% of the workforce in the area are working in creative industries. Westminster Council has plans to deploy high-bandwidth Wifi in Soho to encourage further development and bring in other similar companies.

There are a diverse number of business tenants in Soho, many are attracted by its vibrant atmosphere - there are a lot of upmarket restaurants in the area and both employers and employees love being surrounded by the entertainment opportunities, as well as it being well-serviced by the tube.

Why set up business in Soho?

Why should your company set up shop in this famous district and what does it offer that other areas do not? There are a number of factors which have been instrumental in attracting businesses over the past twenty years and which have helped improve the image of the area - it’s an enviable location, many companies would love to trade out of this inner city suburb - rental prices are cheaper than other of the innermost West London districts:

What do you need to know about doing business in Soho?

I Love Soho

The ‘I Love Soho’ campaign looks to celebrate the cultural diversity in the area, the council and local businesses have joined together to try to drive more business into the famous neighborhood. The campaign was rolled out in 2006 and really underlines how the workforce in the area genuinely loves the district.

Where the area was once lined with neon lights, Soho has really opened up and its image is now of a modern, forward thinking location for innovative businesses to move in. Soho is a happening place, it’s London’s trendiest hotspot and is still on an upward trajectory.

What can you expect from an office in Soho?

Soho offers an array of stunning office space for a diverse range of business - it’s one of the most colourful regions of the city and the offices in the area reflect its history. There are many buildings which offer light, airy offices which are nearly all equipped with the latest ‘mod-cons’. The architecture in the area means the rooms are generous in size, many are stylishly designed and often are characterised by their large windows, high ceilings and some even have roof terraces - which is great for wooing clients over a bottle of wine during the summer months!

Awash with ultra modern offices and conference rooms, there are lots of fun and funky business hideaways which are set back from the main roads. Soho is condensed into a small area, which has led architects to be creative with their use of space.

The Football Association used to have their headquarters in Soho Square, while Sony is still situated on Ramillies Street. You couldn't find a better location in London for your business; the nearest underground stations are Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and Tottenham Court Road - being slap bang in the West End doesn't mean your office space will be expensive, quite the contrary.

How much will it cost?

Soho offers reasonable office and living spaces - you can find contemporary space for anything between £300 - £800 per month. Every street is occupied by a variety of business types, Broadwick Street, Noel Street, Carlisle Street are all popular office and business destinations within the W1 postcode.

Eating out

You won’t go hungry in Soho, you can find upmarket restaurants like the incredible Chowki or Dong San while there are the usual assortment of quick fix fast food eateries such as Pret a Manger and Nandos - the best thing is to go and find out for yourself. The streets of Soho contain many wonders, there are lots of curious eateries for lunching with clients or treating those hard working employees!

Some of the most renowned eateries in Soho include:

Boardwalk - A classy American restaurant with a real loungy feel, also brilliant for the cocktails which are dreamt up by the fantastically creative staff

San Valentino - Great for a quick coffee break, you can sit and watch the world whizz by in this energetic neighbourhood

The Dining Plaice - One of the larger restaurants in Soho, known for serving up mean fish and chip dish - made with some of the freshest batter around!

Soho’s dining scene offers both quirky and traditional, upmarket and budget eating options - if you like to indulge in a bit of fine dining you will be at home in this corner of the capital.

A place to stay

If you have clients coming to visit you will need to find a nice hotel for them to stay in during their stay. Finding a great hotel in Soho isn't difficult, it will also mean they do not have to travel far to the office and they will also be amongst the vibrant offerings the narrow streets of Soho has on offer - some of the best places to sleep in Soho include:

There are a range of both luxurious and affordable accommodation options in the area, for a central London location there really is excellent value to be had.

Are you not entertained?

Soho is London’s entertainment epicentre; you will find London’s best theatre shows, pubs and nightclubs in the neighborhood. Media professionals mix with those taking leisure trips to really create a real mixing pot vibe. There is a wealth of different things to do in Soho - London’s most famous jazz venue, Ronnie Scotts, is located on fifth street and the musical heritage of the area should not be understated - The Rolling Stones played their first ever gig at the Marquee on Denmark Street while the Sex Pistols often wreaked havoc in the wonderful world of Soho!

Soho is at the forefront of latest fashion, entertainment and nightlife - some say the area is very much the nucleus for London’s cultural zeitgeist. There are different cultural influences all over the area - the Soho Theatre opened in at the turn of the new millennium and has many brilliant shows including fringe comedy and cabaret in its performance space.

Notable streets

A Brief history

Soho has been home to many famous historical figures - Karl Marx lived on Dean Street between 1951 and 1956, and Charles Dickens was also known to frequent the area during in his day. Charles De Gaulle also had his unofficial HQ on Dean Street during the Second World War - directing the French resistance whilst his native country was occupied by Hitler’s armies.

The area has a long and colourful history - it has only become a trendy area in the past fifty years or so. Carnaby Street became the centre for the ‘swinging sixties’ as the mods and hippies opened up their independent outlets - these days there are mainstream brands on Carnaby Street and the indie boutiques have moved to the parallel Newburgh Street.

Soho: A real place for business to thrive

Soho really is an excellent location for any business to grow and prosper; the benefits for media and production companies are huge - with the ongoing investment in ‘Sohonet’ and the relatively affordable yet modern office spaces, the future of the area looks very promising.

Small and large businesses have flourished in this vibrant district, the culturally diverse neighbourhood lends itself to the innovative businesses that love having their quirky offices in the area. You will find light, airy office spaces which are ready for commercial businesses of all types to move in. Many young creative minds frequent the area, it’s an exciting place to work and there are extra-curricular activities to suit every taste. Business is as now as ingrained into the fabric of the area as music and theatre has been in the past, the West End offers many attractions for businesses and their employees - it is a highly sought after yet relatively cheap (compared to the rest of London) to rent commercial office space there.

There are office spaces of all sizes in Soho. What was once a famous area for its beatnik culture and nightlife has become a business cluster. There are many excellent furnished office choices which neighbour superb restaurants and upmarket bars - if your company is moving fast, Soho is the place for you!

Renting office space or meeting rooms in Soho means that you will be conveniently close to the underground stations and many famous shopping destinations. Amongst Soho’s office space you will find a number of forward thinking companies who benefit from the high speed broadband connection in the area and the prime location of their fully serviced Soho office. Conference venues in Soho are easy to come by, if you are a media or post production company, you will be impressed by the many entertainment opportunities this lively square mile has at its disposal!