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Information about serviced offices in St James's.If you are renting office space in St James’s you will find yourself amongst some of the most expensive property in the United Kingdom and the world! Conference venues in St James’s are some of the finest in London, meeting rooms in St James’s are fully furnished and are all housed in amazing (yet expensive) grade II listed buildings - no matter which type of business you own, you will be really at home situated amongst the many palaces this exclusive enclave of London offers. There are a lot of offices to rent in St James’s but you will need to comply with the image of the rest of the area, The Crown Estate have worked hard to attract some of the most prestigious brands in the world to the many serviced offices in St James’s.

There are many upmarket art and antique dealers in St James’s, you will also come across many fine wine merchants and tailors. Even BP has its headquarters in the neighbourhood.

St James’s really does have the ultimate blend of of elegance, luxury retail and exceptional dining - the area has worked hard to attract commercial and residential locals, as well as acclaimed restaurants that cater for the great expectations of those who reside in (or visit) the area. St James’s is home to some of the most sought-after retailers and restaurants that offer the ultimate quality - The Crown Estate has pledged to invest £500 million into the area in order to attract and develop appropriate retail and restaurant attractions which embody the area’s upmarket historical values.

The Crown Estate

The Crown Estate is a property portfolio which is owned by the crown and is one of the biggest property owners in the United Kingdom - the portfolio is worth £8.1 million and it owns a large number of diverse properties in the central London area, whilst owning other areas of land such as Ascot Racecourse and Windsor Great Park. The Crown Estate generates revenue for the government and it sees St James’s as a key area to attract valuable businesses. It’s making huge strides by attracting exclusive retailers whilst increasing the area's reputation as a commercial destination - the government has a clear vision for St James’s and it’s strategically extending its ownership in the area.

James Cooksey, who is the head of St James’s Portfolio, says the aims of the area is to:

“[Keep] preserving the area’s heritage whilst investing to refine it for the 21st century"

The development strategy is looking to retain the position of St James’s as one of the leading places to live, work and visit in London.

The Crown Estate has acquired 14 properties in St James’s at a total value of £320 million, in order to combine both the heritage of the area whilst strategically bringing it into the 21st century.

The Crown Estate is working hard to improve and maintain the public spaces in St James’s, whilst also attracting modern commercial businesses whose values are in line with the integrity of the the area. There is to be significant investment in St James’s, which will bring significant improvements and retain the area’s unique legacy and traditions.

Eagle Place Investment

If you’re looking for evidence that St James’s is a great place for your business, look no further than the redevelopment of Eagle Place. The Crown Estate undertook redevelopment of the building in conjunction with the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) and has been a huge success - attracting a range of renowned retailers and office tenants including Tiger of Sweden, Sunspel, Barbour, Virgin Money, Haymarket Financial and Osprey. The building also has 16 apartments which have all been sold or let already, which underlines the opulence of St James’s - it really is the perfect area for internationally esteemed businesses across many different sectors.

Moving your business to St James’s

St James’s offers a prestigious location for businesses to find office space; there are many well serviced offices which are all handily located in the area. The location is close to Regent Street if you fancy a bit of retail therapy, as well as St James’s park if you need to take a quick break or indulge in some al fresco dining during the summer.

The area is steeped in history and your business will need to fit the mould that property owners like the Crown Estate seek in the ongoing redevelopment of St James’s; be aware that office space along Pall Mall, St James’s Street, Jermyn Street and St James’s square is amongst the most expensive in the world. Rental prices here can be five times as much as in New York, Paris or Sydney - it’s important that your business is in line with the image.

St James’s Square is mainly lined with office space and is dispersed with the odd residential property - the street was first developed in 1694 and contains thirteen Grade II listed buildings.

St James’s really does contain some five star office space - there’s a real wealth to choose from, including contemporary, corporate, creative, functional and traditional. By moving your business to the area, you will be amongst some of the world’s favourite high end brands, as well as being located in an exclusive enclave.

Which Streets should you look at?

St James’s covers a small corner of central London but is home to some of the most famous streets in the world, including:

There’s a really good selection of period and modern office space, and - being situated in the West End - there are great transport links including the Green Park and St James’s Park underground stations. St James’s is similar to Mayfair in its prices (very expensive) but if you can afford to move there, you will be amongst a select number of prestigious brands and companies. Along with this, you’ll get the added bonus of being in an area which is steeped in wonderful history.

St James’s Place has recently been going from strength to strength.


As of April 2014, the Crown Estate is currently working on the development of St James’s Market, which will create 50,000 sq ft of new retail space. This will create a brand new public square for world class dining and shopping. You will find many renowned restaurants in St James’s - they include Angela Hartnett’s Cafe Murano, Le Roux’s Villandry and San Carlo Group’s Cicchetti.

The best restaurants, shops and nightclubs can be found around the Jermyn Street area of St James’s; some of the recommended places to eat in the vicinity include:

The area has a number of great art galleries such as the White Cube, which represents acclaimed artists Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin. There are also a number of the best known gentlemens’ clubs in London in St James’s - many members of English high society have met in these clubs and has led to the area being referred to as ‘clubland’.

Where to stay

St James’s is home to some of the world’s most famous luxury hotels, there is some of the finest accommodation in London in this area - you can find beautiful first class suits, private rooms and conference rooms. Many contain award-winning bars and have Michelin starred restaurants - they are the perfect place to wine and dine clients. Here are just a few of the recommended hotels in St James’s:

A rich history

It wouldn't be right to talk about St James’s without going through the rich history the area has to offer - from Royal residencies, well known historical names and famous brands who have long been situated in the area:

1531 - St James’s Palace is built

1661 - The foundations of Pall Mall are laid by Henry Jermyn

1682 - Jermyn Street is completed as the main retail street in St James’s

1684 - Christopher Wren designs St James’s Church

1690 - Coffee and chocolate houses are established on St James’s Street - many evolved to become fashionable clubs such as White’s and Boodle’s.

1698 - Berry Bros & rudd opened on St James’s Street and is now the country’s oldest wine and spirit merchant.

1705 - Hugh Mason who was footman to the Queen, begins to sell space wax from the Royal family to fund what has now become Fortnum & Mason

1730 - Floris opens on Jermyn Street

1776 - James Christie makes his first sale and goes on to sell paintings from Sir Robert Walpole’s estate

1812 - John Nash begins work on his grand Regent Street scheme

1903 - Turnbull and Asser opens on Jermyn Street

1906 - The Ritz opens and becomes one of the first steel framed buildings in London

1936 - Simpsons opens and goes on to become Waterstones - the iconic building is designed by Joseph Emberton

1964 - The Economist Building is opened

2006 - The White Cube Gallery is built in Mason’s yard

2011 - The Crown Estate begins its £500 million investment over ten years

2013 - A number of brand open up in the area including Barbour International and Grosvenor Shirts

The area forms part of the West End and has long been a playground for the aristocracy - many exclusive gentlemen's’ clubs were developed in St James’s during the 19th century and since World War Two the area has undergone a transition from a residential area to a commercial area.

St James’s is the royal residence of Prince William and Harry, as well as the Duchess of Cambridge. St James’s Palace is also one of the oldest palaces in London and is situated on Pall Mall, the palace was commissioned by Henry VIII and was constructed in 1536. History just oozes out of the brickwork in St James’s - you will be hard-pushed to find an English historical figure who does not have an association with this noble neighborhood.

St James’s was once part of the same royal past as St James’s Park and Green park and the area contains many famous residences, including Clarence House, Marlborough House, St James’s Palace, Lancaster House, Spencer House, Schomberg House and Bridgewater House. All of these houses have huge historical significance for a number of different reasons.

The area forms part of St James’s Ward and falls under the jurisdiction of Westminster City Council - the ward also contains Covent Garden, Strand, Westminster and Mayfair.

A prestigious office location

Who wouldn't want to do business in this exclusive enclave of London? It could be said that almost every building in the area is a former palace - many are now home to corporate headquarters for international newspapers and investment banks, along with the traditional businesses which have been located in the area for (in some cases) hundreds of years.

The expensive tastes of the residents and workers in the area is reflected by the exclusive boutiques, tailors and delicatessens in the locale - being situated nearby some of the loveliest parks in the capital with Buckingham Palace and Whitehall which border the area, pushing prices up. The work the Crown Estate is undertaking is also rapidly redeveloping the area, their £500 million investment has already attracted many prestigious businesses, restaurants and retailers.

There are many five star offices in the St James’s area; all offer a wide range of specifications and facilities, for both buy and letting purposes. St James’s is an excellent location for any type of business - you will find many well-established brands located in the superb listed buildings of the vicinity. There’s an abundance of well-furnished St James's office space, along with conference rooms and meeting rooms in St James’s, which are fully serviced for companies to move into.

If you like being amongst royalty and like the idea of being well-situated near the vibrant Regent Street and the beautiful royal parks, St James’s office space is ideal for you!