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Learn more about Westminster Offices and surroundings

An office space guide to the Westminster area.Westminster is one of the most famous parts of London. Being one of the most central locations, Westminster lies on the North bank of the river Thames. Many tourists are attracted to the area because of the numerous famous landmarks that can be found there. It’s estimated that there are about 219,600 people living in Westminster. This makes it an ideal place to locate your business, and there is certainly more than enough offices space in Westminster. Serviced offices in Westminster can be found with ease, and Westminster conference rooms and convention venues can also be sourced with ease. 

Westminster tube station is served by the Circle, District and Jubilee lines. With a lot of office spaces that are less than half a mile from multiple tube stops, it makes transport options across London easy and plentiful.

London is one of the key attractions for overseas visitors with more than 14.6 million people spending time in the capital, and plarting with over £8.6 billion while there. With all of this money being spent, there are numerous business opportunities to take advantage of. The West End has plenty of space for a new businesses to arrive and make a name for themselves.


Westminster is one of the most historic places in London. Because Westminster is one of the most central points of the city, a lot of the buildings are of modern design. Originally, the city used to consist of only Victorian style buildings. It was not until the sixteenth century that any urban development started to be developed. Even now, Westminster is known for urban development, making it one of the major places for urban development.

A lot of the older buildings, such as the House of Commons and Buckingham Palace have maintained the traditional Victorian style. This attracts a lot of people to visit them each year, so tourists can get a taste of what Westminster originally looked like. Tourists from all over the world come to London to enjoy what the capital has to offer.

Places like Green Park, St James’s Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Park offer a nice alternative to the industrialised feel of the city. The city of Westminster has 116 parks and open spaces. These range from small gardens to large plots of land. There’s only one local nature reserve in the borough, which is St John’s Wood. Owning a business near to one of these parks offers a great place for people that work for your business to relax while on their break.

A lot of businesses lie along the River Thames. Buildings of this type are normally alongside popular restaurants and shops, making it a good social place to have your business. A lot of people like to have their businesses here because they’re very open, and offer interesting views from within the business. Because most locations along the Thames draw a lot of tourism, it makes most forms of public transport easy to access.


Because Westminster covers a very large area, there are many different ways to get to various places all along the borough:


In the city of Westminster, there are a number of large companies already stationed there. Westminster is also now seen as an administrative entity. Leading global corporations choose to base their global or European headquarters within the City of Westminster. There’s a large concentration of hedge fund and private equity funds within the area.

Because of Westminster being in the West End, there are many leading performing arts businesses. With the various amounts of performing arts being situated in a certain area of London, businesses flourish and expand at a good rate.

Businesses such as the BBC, BP, Pearson PLC, Economist Group and Gulf Oil have headquarters based within Westminster. It really is one of the most popular places for businesses to be within London. It’s well known that businesses that choose to situate themselves in Westminster thrive because of how busy, and how many people are attracted towards the area for financial opportunities.

Tourist Attractions

With the city of Westminster covering a very large part of London, there are many tourist attractions that a lot of people define as being the main part of London’s tourism ‘scene’. Here’s a quick guide to the different types of tourist attractions that are available for people in the Westminster area:

Royal Seat

Westminster is famous for having some of the key political places in England within it. Since about 1200 it’s been the home of England’s Government. The Palace of Westminster is the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Compared to the rest of Westminster, the palace follows a medieval building style. This is for ceremonial purposes.

The exterior of Westminster houses Big Ben, and it settles on the river Thames. This image is recognised worldwide as one of the iconic sights of London. It’s one of the most visited tourist attractions in the whole of London.

Buckingham place is the official London residence and principal workplace of the monarchy of the United Kingdom. The Royal family generates close to £500 million every year for British tourism. Having a business near to a place like this can help to increase your popularity due to the amount of tourists that pass through this area on a day to day basis.

Every year, almost 50,000 guests are invited to garden parties, banquets and receptions. This can range from celebrities, other members of the royal family and businesses. To be invited to one of these is a great honour, and is an achievement for most people.

An attraction for most tourists is watching the changing of the guard. It’s done daily during the summer months, with the routine changing to every other day during the winter.


There are many places that provide education throughout Westminster. Because of all the different educational units, a good number of apprenticeships and graduates look for jobs in this area. Businesses that are looking to recruit younger people should definitely consider setting up a business.

Apprenticeship schemes are a great way of training staff from the ground up and turning them into experienced members of staff later in the future.

The Business

With Westminster having the West End running through it, there are lots of things available to do. The area contains some of the main concentrations of the majority of London’s metropolitan activities. With a various assortment of restaurants, cafes, media outlets and performing arts businesses, there has never been a better place for a business to put its foot down and become a dominant power.

Because of the amount of people that live in London, there are always chances at commercial success. There also lots of job opportunities available for aspiring business people. Staff will never be hard to come by, allowing commercial growth to occur easily. Westminster serviced offices can be found in this prime location with ease, and there are also some excellent offices to rent in Westminster that you can choose to further your business.